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7 Uses for Natural Lubricant You Haven’t Heard About

Having natural lubricant around is always a good idea if you and your partner are planning on spending some alone time together.

But thrifty people have also found some non-traditional uses for natural lubricants that you need to know about if you ever find yourself in a bind!

Coconu is here to make sure that your life gets better in every way though the use of natural lubricant, so of course we’re going to bring you these latest life hacks!

So let’s get started!

7 ways you can use natural lubricants outside of the bedroom

If you’ve ever wondered what you could use your extra natural lubricant for, look no further!

We’ve put together 7 great ways that you can put natural lube to use in your household whenever you need to.

Grease hinges

Natural lubricant is all about making your intimate moments more comfortable without having harsh ingredients.

That’s why you can spend a nice afternoon sprucing up your house with the natural lubricant you keep at home!

It turns out that natural lubricants do a great job at greasing hinges that may have been giving you a hard time around the house.

Because natural lubricants like Coconu contain natural oils, these work great and are long-lasting to keep up household jobs like making sure cabinets, drawers, and doors can open and close without those loud creaks and squeaks.

De-knot your hair

If you find yourself stuck without conditioner for a while, you don’t have to damage your hair by pulling those knots out of our hair with your brush.

Instead, use your natural lubricant to de-knot your hair with minimal damage!

The oils in natural lubricant do a great job of softening hair so that knots can be worked out without them ripping health hair out.

Gently spread the lubricant on tangles sections of hair and take a few moments to massage it in. Then, from your ends first, begin brushing through.

Add some shine to your step

Do you have an important job interview or fancy date coming up? Don’t walk out the door with scuffed or dirty shoes!

This is yet another job that your natural lubricant can do for you without needing harsh chemicals that some shoe shiners include.

If you place some of the lubricant onto the shoe, use a clean cloth to rub the lubricant into your leather shoes using circular movements. Volia! You have clean and shiny shoes– the natural way.

Remove annoying stickers

This is probably one of the most frustrating problems to run into in our day to day lives.

Sure, it’s not life or death but having labels or stickers stuck to something is annoying!

If you want to make sure you can remove a sticker without leaving a peeled, goopy mess on your item, you can also rely on your natural lubricant to get this job done.

Natural lubricants are able to work their way underneath stuck-on products like stickers as you massage them in. This means that the sticker can lift and slide away without leaving behind evidence of its previous location!

Once you have everything removed, you can simply take a clean cloth and wipe the excess lubricant off.

Get rid of lice (ick!)

Did you know that natural lubricants are also great to use if you want to remove lice from you or your child’s hair?

Lice are nasty little buggers that tough to get rid of, create itchy scalps, and spread easily from person to person.

That’s why it’s important to remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible once you notice them!

Many lice removers rely on chemicals to kill and remove the lice, but your natural lubricant can help all while skipping those chemicals.

Lice dislike dirty or greasy hair, so spread some of your natural lubricant through the hair. Focus on the scalp so that the natural oils can really do their work.

You’ll also want to have a lice comb on hand to begin sorting your hair into sections where you can get to the lice easily.

After you section your hair off, use the lice comb to pick through your hair slowly. Pay attention to get as close to the scalp as possible and make sure to run through the same section multiple times, with good lighting and possibly a magnifying glass, to make sure you got everything.

Help you open zippers more easily

Natural lubricants do a great job of making your intimate times go more smoothly, but have you ever struggled with opening a zipper while you’re getting in the mood?

Don’t worry– natural lubricant can help you open zippers more easily!

This tip can work for pants, purses, wallets, or jackets– anything that has a zipper that seems to stick and drag every time you try and open or close it.

Dab some lubricant along the zipper and gently pull it back and forth. Add more as needed until the zipper opens and closes easily.

Keep your lips hydrated

A lot of people claim that they’re addicted to chapstick. And it can be a big deal if you ever find yourself out of your favorite chapstick.

Don’t suffer from dry, irritated lips until you’re able to go out and get another chapstick. You can use natural lubricant on your lips to keep your lips hydrated and feeling great in the meantime!

Because natural lubricants aren’t sticky and they do a great job of soaking into the body, they’re totally safe to use on lips and they work just as well as chapsticks!

Want to know more about how natural lubricant can change your life?

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Our 100% natural products can help you get closer to your lover without the nasty chemicals that often result in people having painful reactions. Afterall, any time you spend with your love one should be all about natural love!