Cave Condoms to Coconu: The Evolution of “Sexccessories”

Sex is probably the oldest­ and most popular­ form of entertainment known to man. It’s been a favorite human past time since approximately the day it was discovered, so naturally it didn’t take Homo Sapien Senior very long to start inventing ways of making a good thing even better. It should be noted, however, that “better” when it comes to early sexccessories is a highly subjective term.

A long trail of scientific evidence tells us that humans have been using accessories such as birth control aids and sexual lubricants to augment their sex lives since before the 1st century. The oldest known depiction of a human using a condom can be found on a cave wall in France, and is thought to be 12,000­ 15,000 years old. The oldest actual condoms discovered were located in the foundations of England’s Dudley Castle and date back to about 1640. These seductive little treats were made from the internal organs of various animals, which would have been quite common throughout the world at that time.

Other popular and equally romantic birth control methods included condoms made of fish bladders, regular mercury ingestion and the use of a wide variety of substances aimed at semen absorption and physically blocking the uterus from encountering unwelcome sperm. Early Africans used small, tight bundles of grass and crushed roots, or seedpods. Meanwhile, frisky couples in the South Seas, China and Japan favored wads of seaweed, moss and bamboo. (Ouch?!) A little later, the French and British would make use of primitive contraceptive sponges, often soaked in either brandy or olive oil; however, they were far from the first people to notice the erotic potential of natural oils.

Olive oil­ used for both contraceptive and lubrication purposes­ is one of the first substances we see hitting the scene as a sexual aid, with its first known written reference dating back to 350 B.C. In addition to playing an important role in intercourse, olive oil was also a favorite for moistening the popular, hard, leather dildos of the day.

Olive oil also pops up in the writings of Aristotle in reference to a powerful contraceptive mixture made from olive oil, cedar oil, lead and frankincense­ and again in the records of Rome’s famous Pliny, who recommended a romantic sexual solution of olive oil, pigeon droppings and wine.   ...I suspect that last concoction did actually work as an effective contraceptive, solely owing to the overwhelming likelihood that the mention of sensual pigeon droppings reliably prevented sex, altogether.

On the other hand, Indian women circa the 1st century C.E. seemed to be heading in the right direction, striving toward more pleasurable sexual solutions. They developed a custom lubricant made from honey, clarified butter and Palasha tree seeds. I’m no Palasha expert, but I can see where they’re going with the clarified butter (likely a far more pleasurable feel to the nether regions than say, brandy) and honey is naturally antibacterial, so that just seems like a smart move. Alas, their other go­to recipe was a sweet little blend of water and elephant dung.

I think most of us would agree that the past is best left in the past. Even this very small glimpse into sexcessories throughout history is enough to stir up a hearty appreciation for the refinement of sexual products through the years, and for all the modern options available to us today. We can now use latex condoms instead of fish bladders, birth control pills instead of balled up moss, real lubricant instead of butter­­ and animal feces have nearly left the picture, completely!

What an excellent time period we’re lucky enough to live in! As the next generation in the ever improving world of sexual enhancement products, Coconu may just be seated at the current pinnacle of all this sexual evolution. Made from all natural ingredients to ensure an all natural sensation, deliberately defying the toxic tradition of harmful additives in personal lubricants, and even offering a water ­based product for complete condom compatibility, the Coconu line stands as a daring portrait of the future of sexual enhancement.

Whatever the freedom of having options in your sex life means to you­ take time to celebrate it today!