Celestial Sex

The ancients believed that the natures of all human beings are influenced by the position of the planets. Horoscopes, zodiac charts and astrological profiles were born when they determined that all people could be represented by one of twelve basic personality profiles.

Whether you believe in astrological predisposition or write it off as mysticism, it’s interesting to browse through the profiles every now and again, and a little introspection never hurt. Sex tips, in particular, are rarely a bad thing, and it turns out that the stars have quite a lot to say in the seduction department. Read on for some customized pointers on tuning into your partners natural flow to create some seriously celestial sex!

Aries: Fiery, hot blooded Aries is spontaneous and bold. They like steam, surprise and athleticism! They’re not egotistical, but compliments give them great affirmation; offer compliments liberally because they translate into extra fuel in the bedroom! Go for some physical activity with this sultry sign, peppered with a little sexual banter. Work out together- take a run, go on a vigorous hike- then channel all that adrenaline and pumping blood into some spontaneous sex.** No taking a shower and getting dressed first, either! The sweat and urgency of the unscheduled encounter only add to the appeal for an Aries. In order to fully cater to your Aries’ urges for spur of the moment nookie, be sure to keep some Coconu handy for those spontaneous encounters!
** If you’re not in great shape, try some yoga with your partner. Yoga is known for emphasizing keen bodily awareness. Be sure to keep in view of one another and you’ll be surprised by how connected you’ll feel, as well as by how much steamy, sexual tension can build over just 20 or 30 minutes!

Taurus: A true earth sign, Taurus is calm, patient and solid, often with a quiet power about them. They are not desirous of luxury, but value comfort tremendously- a fact that should not be overlooked when trying to please your Taurus partner. Sexually speaking, if Aries likes a sudden combustion, Taurus likes a slow burn. If you can truly master the art of foreplay, your Taurus is likely to unleash a side you’ve never seen! Take time for long, sensual massages before sex. Make sure the lighting is nice- lights on is fine, but no abrasive brights! Post massage, use your hands to warm up a little Coconu, then take your time smoothing it onto your partner. Be sure to give him/her some slow, warm, body kisses before getting to the deed.

Bonus tips: A fluffy, down comforter is a fantastic investment. And provided it’s made of pleasing material- such as silk or satin- this is a prime opportunity to incorporate some sexy lingerie into your routine!

Gemini: Being the sign of the twins, (think duality), this one can be a little trickier.Geminis are mentally stimulated creatures, but like their breezy governing element, they can seem to run hot and cold to the naïve observer. Playful partners, this sign appreciates being felt out for new sexual interests and absolutely eats up flirtation!

Geminis are stimulated by simple variety, so make sure to offer a host of sensations in, and geared toward, the bedroom. Wear some hot new cologne- or drop the cologne completely, and let your Gemini catch your natural scent! Most importantly, keep it flirty with your Gemini- simple gestures like a wink from across the room during a meeting or party will keep them feeling desired and wanting more. Light caresses at unexpected times throughout the day and sexy text messages are great!

Bonus tip: Send a surprise text to your Gemini at work letting him/her know you just received some new Coconu and can’t wait to try it out together tonight!

Cancer: The first water sign on our list, Cancer shows us emotional depth. Cancers love to love, and be loved. They are particularly fond of the home and the familiar. You don’t have to be overtly sexual to get a Cancer to find you sexy; connection is sexy to them. Be emotionally present and available; show them lots of physical affection. Hugging, spooning and even a well-timed, supportive arm around the shoulder all mean a lot to them.

If you want to mix up the bedroom scene, try checking into a hotel for a weekend of relaxation, connection and passionate sex! The change of scenery will provide inspiration, and your Cancer will dig it because hotel rooms are like cozy, miniaturized homes. …Just don’t forget to pack your Coconu!

Leo: Bringing us back to fire, this lion is the king of the bedroom and everything else- or at least he thinks so. Leos are strong, natural leaders and are not uncommonly accompanied by somewhat inflated views of themselves. They love to be praised and adored! If you want to stroke a lion’s mane, just stroke his/her ego. Shower your Leo with compliments about his/her appearance or abilities, both in and out of the bedroom. “You give me the best head- it blows my mind when you do it like that! ”Or drop a line while washing dishes. “Your arms look fantastic- you’re so strong!” Comments like this will get your lion feeling all kinds of sexy and wanting to share it with you!

For a little fun in the bedroom, be sure to switch up the roles you usually play; Leo spends all day thinking he/she should lead everything, but a little relief from being the leader can be new and just as exciting. Tell your Leo you want to pamper him/her, take some time to rub him/her down with lotion, then slowly swirl a little Coconu around the erogenous zones to really make your Leo feel worshiped!

Virgo: Representing “the virgin”, Virgos are intelligent and practical, but can be a little conservative. The good news is that that doesn’t mean you have to have vanilla sex! They like organization and planning, but this also means that they know what they want and how they want it! When it comes to sex, having such a refined and motivated palate can light a fire fast!

Make sure you set aside specific times to dedicate just to your Virgo; let your Virgo know that he/she is the focus of your evening and that you want to please. They know what they like, but as their airy nature dictates, they may not volunteer the information as enthusiastically as others might, so do a little “sexpionage”, and make it your mission to find out!

Make your Virgo comfortable with a glass of wine, a little mood music or whatever gets him/her relaxed, then make your way to the bedroom. Ask your Virgo to show you how he/she likes it and exactly what and how to touch. Watching this demonstration is guaranteed to get blood flowing on both sides of the show! Pay attention, then invite a little Coconu to the party to take your learning to an interactive level! Using Coconu to smooth the way, get your partner to place your hands exactly where he/she wants them and help you move the way your Virgo likes. Not only is this a recipe for an intimate, steamy evening, but you’ll be a “sexpert” on your partners triggers and desires in no time- and your partner will appreciate it!