Coconu Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a significant holiday for Coconu. Our company was founded when a mother and her husband were searching for a certified organic lubricant after the birth of their second son. We are a team of working moms dedicated to bringing women the absolute highest quality, healthy and clean personal care products. We think about mothers every day as we develop and sell products making it easier for women to continue connecting with their partners as they juggle the demands of children, work and long task-filled days. We also honor our founders’ late mother, Kathy Warnick, with every purchase you make by donating a portion of all sales to OCRA (the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance).

In keeping with our commitment to help mothers to increase their capacity for connection, we have curated a list of our favorite female-founded and mother-led companies for this Mother’s Day. We are inspired by these women every day. In addition to offering great products for mothers, these companies have their own give-back campaigns and/or maintain sustainable and ethical business practices.

Best Gifts for New Moms

Ryla Pack

Ryla Pack

Every new mother needs an amazing diaper bag! Ryla Pack was created by a mother who wanted a simple, incredibly practical bag with enough storage options to never need another bag again. Ryla Pack have perfected the stylish diaper back pack, and we absolutely love that we can still use ours well past diaper bag stage.

Tubby Todd

Being a new mom can be overwhelming, not only do we have a new life to tend to, but our bodies have new needs. Tubby Todd has taken all of the guess work out of new mom products with their Mama Gift Set which includes nipple balm, hand cream and belly oil. Thank us later.

Ingrid and Isabel

Ingrid and Isabel was founded for mamas by a mama who knows. They create products to improve your quality of comfort through every stage and pregnancy into nursing. Their nursing page states “Nursing is difficult, what you wear shouldn’t be” and their pieces perfectly pair functionality with style.


 Proceed to their website with caution! From the softest and cutest newborn sacks, to toddler rompers and adult matches, this is one of the coolest companies run by a mom who began selling her children’s old clothes while her husband was in law school. We think all new moms should be introduced to the brand to make the most of their drops. Their limited releasing often sell out in minutes and sometimes seconds!

Coconu Combo Pack

Combo pack

As new moms our bodies go through many changes, and this can be the first time you have thought about a personal lubricant. From our long lasting and extremely moisturizing oil based, to our quick absorbing water based and new products launching later this year, we have something that will work for every new mother.

Best Gifts to Buy Yourself

Luna Zorro

luna zorro

Luna Zorro gives back to Every Mother Counts, and another female owned powerhouse. Molly’s textiles are so luxurious, and her new box sets are everything we have dreamed of.

Shine Cosmetics


We’ve found that a pop of lip color go a long way for a productive day while working from home. Shine Cosmetics is one of our very favorite companies, their lip gloss and BB Cream are products that have made their way into our daily makeup routines. They have even supplied us with a code (COCONU15) for 15% off at checkout through May 31st.

Nena and Co

Nena and Co use ethical business practices while partnering with artisans around the world. Each release is crafted with local artisans from the country of their release and their bags are all one-of-a-kind, just like each mother.


Mentionables is changing up the lingerie industry by offering classy styles, model-free photos, pretty prices and inclusive sizing. They want to make women of all sizes feel good from the inside out. Instead of looking through a catalog of models, now you can browse and decide what will look best of your body type. We know you’ll love your first pair!

Albion Fit

Albion’s mission is to provide women with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free fitness and lesiuare apparel on the market. Why we love them and think you need them for yourselves? The one piece, maternity and every body friendly swimsuits! It doesn’t matter if you have a long torso, are busty or thought you would never love the way you felt in a suit again, they have something that every mama will love.

Coconu Oil Based

We’re obsessed with making Coconu something you’ll love, something you’ll reach for every time because it makes intimacy even better. Our oil-based formula creates stimulating, deeply satisfying sexual experiences for you and your partner. It will awaken your senses while the organic ingredients provide real, natural health benefits. 

Best Gifts for Self-care

Just Ingredients

Their face serum is one of the absolutely best facial products we have ever tried. It is not common that women with various skin types can all use and love the same product, but that is exactly how great this product is. Karalynne has committed to a clean all-natural lifestyle which means we are guaranteed that her products are free from all of the bad stuff.

Kickee Pants

Kickee family PJ's

A few months ago it may have taken a bit more convincing that pajamas should be considered self-care items, but we hope everyone can agree to how important the best pair of pajamas can be to your physical and mental health. If you can’t get on board with this idea, then you need to indulge in your first pair of Kickee. They continue to expand their products for the whole family, which means buttery soft fabric is now a possibility all day long.

Beddy’s Beds

What says self-care more than an incredible night sleep and hours of your life back every month? Are you ready for your bed making days to completely change? Beddy’s has created a complete all-in-one bedding system that is stylish, so easy to clean, and is all together!

The Honey Pot

Bea Dixon’s story is one that all women can get behind and be inspired by. One of our favorite products are their post-partum herbal pads which contain a secret weapon of natural and herbal ingredients that create a "cooling" effect to soothes soreness and calm cramping.

The Pepper Couple’s Kit

If you are craving a little extra intimacy and connection, then the Pepper Couple’s Kit is the great fit for an adventurous date night. From massage oil candle, aphrodisiac candy, your favorite water based Coconu and a pleasure product, you simply can’t go wrong.