How Sex and Intimacy Benefit Your Health

Sex is one of the most foundational parts of the human life. It’s the best way to touch base with ourselves and our partners.

It’s an experience unlike any other and bringing intimacy into sex allows us and our partners to explore parts of ourselves previously unknown.

So sex and intimacy are important to us personally, but what about its affects on our health?

As a company that focuses on bringing people together through intimacy in an organic way, Coconu wants to promote a simple fact: sex and intimacy benefit your health.

Since sex is so important for our well-being, why do so many of us go so long without? We’re going to talk about the ways sex and intimacy benefit your health to shed some light on this issue.

Sexuality in our lives

Sexual awareness is very important to how we see ourselves as individuals. All of our insecurities, interests, kinks, and dislikes make up who we are inside and outside of the bedroom.

If you’ve turned on the TV lately, you’ve probably been barraged with sexuality all over the screen. Women and men selling products with allure, and that’s only the start of it.

Needless to say, sexuality is a huge part of who we are as a culture and we basically can see it everywhere around us.

Psychology has conducted various studies about what makes sexuality such a big part of our lives and a few things have become clear. We crave human contact and affection, and our sense of sexuality is shaped by those around us.

There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to sexuality and we should embrace ourselves totally!

How to bring intimacy into the picture

If you are looking to turn your sex life back into a priority, you’ll need to establish yourself and what you want.

Do some soul searching and get comfortable with what you need in your life. Then you are free to speak with your partner and vocalize what you want and need!

Having this sort of open discussion can help anyone bring sexuality to the forefront of a relationship so that reconnection and rekindling can happen.

Consent is important, and these talks can help you two reach a place of comfort in the bedroom.

Sex and intimacy benefits our health

So how exactly is sex beneficial for your health?

Tons of ways. Here at Coconu, we believe that everyone should have a sex life they’re happy with so we’ve brought together this guide to learning how sex and intimacy benefits our health!

Even cuddling is good for you, so here’s what you can gain from a tumble between the sheets.

Skip the gym

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of sex is the fact that is feels great….and you’re burning calories.

How many workouts can you say you actually enjoy and don’t notice you’re even exercising?

It turns out that sex can burn around 100 calories per session - which is a pretty good perk for something you love doing anyway.

Help out your heart

For some people, sex may not be an option due to their cardiovascular problems. But for those of us who are able to, sex can help our hearts out!

Sex is able to get our hearts pumping and studies have found that men who have sex twice a week are less likely to develop heart disease.

Get a mood boost

After the big love scene in most movies, the characters are seen lying in bed together with smiles on their faces. There’s a reason for this happening on the big screen and in your own bed.

Sex is a proven mood booster!

Dopamine and Oxytocin are released inside of your brain during your sex and these two hormones are heavily linked to happiness, pleasure, and bonding between partners.

This is also part of the reason that we mentioned cuddling helps our moods improve. Though there are tons of reasons cuddling is good for you, some of our favorites are that it can reduce depression or anxiety and it can also release those incredible hormones we can also experience during sex!

Improve your immune system

Another major perk of having intimacy in your life is the fact that sex can boost your immune system.

Yep - as if another important health issue was enough to convince you to jump into bed. Now you also can rest assured knowing that you’re helping your immune system.

Sex has been found to amp up your body’s immune systemas it causes more immunoglobulin to accumulate within your body. These antibodies defend against colds and other illnesses. Improves sleep

Experience pain reduction

Sex can also be a natural pain reducer! As long as sex itself is comfortable and painless, you may start to notice a decrease in your pain throughout the day.

It turns out that sex can help with headaches and period cramps! More specifically orgasmscan bring you relief from these symptoms due to the influx of hormones and relaxation that occurs as a result of sex.

Boost your libido

If you and your partner have fallen into a routine of rolling to your side of the bed at night and just going to sleep, having sex just once can boost your libido and bring the magic back.

Sometimes we are prone to get caught up in our everyday stress or the thought that we’ll have to wake up early the next morning. Opt for some intimacy and it’s likely to snap you back into your old libido.

Better bladder control for women

Whenever a woman orgasms, the muscles in her pelvic floor contract.

This is the uncontrolled version of the kegel exercise, which is used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. As a result, sex can help women keep their pelvic muscles strong and give them more control over their bladder as they get older.

Of course, it’s important to take time to do kegels as well but a little extra “workout” can’t hurt!

Take care of yourself

Keep your health and happiness a priority and let Coconu help. Come back to the blog and website for more info about how you can take your sex life to the next level.