Journey to the Center of an Orgasm - A Guide for Women (Part 2)

Part Two: All’s Fair in Love and War

I think we’ve already established that we’re in it to win it, and we’re not stopping til we come, right? Right! If you’ve mastered the traditional, organic approach, then all the better. But if you haven’t gotten there yet, fear not! You’re far from hopeless, and there’s nothing wrong with incorporating a few precision tools to fine tune your craft. Let’s take a look at what some of these nifty little gems have to offer:

“I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations.”

And I suggest you do the same! Vibrators are nothing that you don’t know about already, but they may be a resource you’re missing out on. Nowadays there are vibrators out there to suit every taste and function. Think of the recent “app” advertisements by apple. “…Can’t find your G-spot? There’s a vibe for that! Struggle with finding your rhythm when it comes to clit stimulation? There’s a vibe for that!”

If you’re feeling stunted, try to figure out where the snag is on your road to climax. Once you’ve arrived at a diagnosis, it’s a cinch to find a toy that will address it- so hop online and pick yourself out a sexy new prescription! Or just hop in the car, make your way to the nearest retailer and pick up some of your own good vibrations. Here are a few popular options garnering rave reviews:

The Butterfly Kiss

The Butterfly Kiss, offering several different vibration speeds, is basically a better version of the famous “Rabbit” of Sex and the City fame. Equipped with tingly, clit hugging butterfly antennae, it offers a smoothly curving shaft ending in a soft, ball shape at the tip. The Butterfly Kiss features a tip perfectly sized to vibrate the G-spot without creating that same intensity of sensation throughout the entirety of the vaginal canal; this genius design allows your hot spot to bask in all the internal attention while your clit is flying butterfly high on the outside.

The We-Vibe II

The We-Vibe II is another sex toy that has earned its popularity honestly. This little number is Fan-Tas-Tic! It’s also a multi-setting vibrator, but one of a totally different breed. The We-Vibe II is small, discrete and highly versatile. With a flexible U-shaped design, one end of the toy slips comfortably inside the vagina while the other rests over the clitoris for completely hands free excitement. This unique design allows it to be used solely for clit stimulation, solely for internal stimulation, or for both simultaneously. What’s even cooler is that it works as well when engaging your partner as it does when you’re playing solo. Its thin construction lends itself to full use (vaginal and clitoral) even while your partner is penetrating you- and still hands free! So, even if your partner’s not hitting the right spot during sex, the We-Vibe II still is, infinitely increasing your odds of orgasming during intercourse. …And I’ve yet to hear complaints about the shared vibrations.

Tongue Vibrators

Yes, they exist. In part 1 of this article, we discussed the not insignificant merits of oral sex. But if your partner just can’t seem to get the rhythm right for you, or if he tires out before you get there, maybe you could both use a little help. Tongue vibrators are pretty much exactly what they sound like: miniature vibrators that fit around the tongue and kick some extra powerful spark into your oral sex routine. Oral sex with simultaneous vibrating power? Try not to come. I dare you.

Clit Creativity

If you’ve made it this far into the article, well, lady, you’re working with a powerful arsenal already! But, if you could still use that extra push, a little heightened sensation in the clitoral area might be just what the doctor ordered.

Vaginal Pumps

These dandies might seem off the beaten path at first- but don’t knock it ‘til you try it! After all, female “Hysteria” wasn’t even dropped as a medical diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association until 1952, so when trying to revolutionize your sex life, it usually doesn’t hurt to do as the revolutionaries.

Vaginal pumps range in coverage area from the entire vaginal region to just the clitoris, and are comprised of a small, bowl like object attached to a tube with a hand squeeze pump at the end. The bowl is placed over the desired area and the pump is intermittently squeezed, applying suction to the region and causing it to become increasingly engorged with blood. This elicits a temporary and dramatic increase in sensitivity. During and immediately following use, simply a normal touch to the treated area will feel especially intense and all pleasure sensations are greatly heightened. The pump is completely manually controlled, so the intensity, duration and all other aspects of the experience are completely up to you. This toy has an enormous fan base in women who were previously struggling with orgasm, as well as those who struggle with sensitivity issues.

Clit Sensitizer

If you’re interested in a little extra zip to the clit, but aren’t ready to go all out with a vaginal pump, you can try a clitoris sensitizing cream. There are a broad variety of sensitizing products and brands on the market, but the basic formula includes one or more agents that increase clitoral sensitivity. In most cases, you simply apply a dab of the cream 10 or 15 minutes prior to sexual activity and enjoy! Several brands feature flavored stimulating creams intended to be used with oral sex, so this is another product capable of boasting that fantastic double whammy effect.

“Co-co-co-commmingggg!” Coconuts to GO nuts!

Lastly, but certainly not least, ladies: Rock that Coconu!

Coconu Personal Lubricant

Coconu can be incorporated into play with every toy mentioned on this list and is an absolute must for fun with any vibrator! It would also be a special crime not to mention that applying a little Coconu to the lips and inner area of the vagina before making use of a vaginal pump creates an unparalleled, tantalizing effect; imagine the entire vaginal region being sensuously enveloped in a personal chamber of moisture and sleek, soothing, all organic oils. It’s like having a sexy, miniaturized spa localized exclusively around your vagina.

Easily the most versatile tool on this list, Coconu has endless possibilities for application and creative use. Best of all: as much fun as these toys can provide, all you really need for a fantastic sack session is a tube of Coconu and yourself! (Partner optional)

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