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Tantric Sex 101: The Beginner’s Guide to a Mind Blowing Session

It’s the most foundational of our instincts: intimacy. When the moment is right, there’s no need to put thought into doing what feels right.

But what if you brought mindfulness into your sex life? What if you want to take intimacy to your partner to new levels of pleasure?

It’s time to explore the breathtaking practice of tantric sex.

With sex being everywhere around us, it can be surprising to learn that 50% of women and 68 of menare unsatisfied with their sex lives. Predictability, compatibility, obligations, and self-image all come into play when mindfulness is left out of the bedroom.

Obviously, this isn’t good– and you shouldn’t just accept lackluster intimacy as a part of your life. And at Coconu, we’re all about moving away from the mainstream and towards what is natural and feels right.

We’re going to explore why tantric sex should absolutely be a part of your life, and why you’ll feel better than ever.

So what’s tantric sex?

Tantric sex is sincere. It leaves behind the pretenses brought into the bedroom like old luggage by the things we see in porn or movies, and what we hear our friends bragging about.

The practice of tantra originated in ancient Asia, and though the original texts have been lost to history, we know that tantric sex has remained a foundational part of many love lives through the centuries.

The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word that has a simple definition stating it is “to extend, expand, spread, continue, put forth, manifest.” Essentially, there is no part of tantra and tantric sex that is separate from the expansion of who you are through this intimate exploration.

Nearly every depiction of sex in the media is fast paced and loud. It’s easily consumable and mindlessly gratifying– in that world of mental fiction, who doesn’t want the woman to orgasm instantly and loudly? Who doesn’t want to feel like a goddess or god with the “perfect” body?

This is not what we need. Our lives are stressful enough, and sex should be equally healing and pleasurable.

Why you should totally be into it

There are a million reasons that practicing tantric sex is something you should delve into– body, soul, and mind.

It’s a difficult fact to wrap your mind around, but 30% of women report difficulty reaching orgasm.

Though the female orgasm may seem elusive, getting there is all about breaking down those mental barriers and truly letting yourself, well,  feel what you’re feeling!

For both men and women, it’s all about removing yourself from what you’ve thought intimacy was. Tantric sex is starting with a blank slate and letting instinct guide you.

Tantric sex is slow.

Part of creating a deeper connection with yourself and your partner is simply taking it slow.

Remember the times when you ate something too quickly and, only afterwards, realized that you never stopped to savor the complexity of the taste? Well, the same goes for your intimate moments

It’s all about the slow tease. The sensuality of seeing your partner react to the pleasure you’re creating with every thoughtful touch.

Breathing, looking, kissing, and touching… all of these things should never be rushed.

It’s not about the orgasm, though you will get there

Good things come to those who wait. It’s unlikely that most of us will have the patience to go through hours of tantric practice before allowing an orgasm to happen, elongating your practice will only lead to a more enjoyable experience.

You’re going to have fun and you’re going to feel good while doing it– savor that. Indulge your mind and body, but save the best for last until you and your partner have reached the climax of the practice and the perfect moment presents itself.

Trust us, you won’t regret it!

 It’s time to begin…

There’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to beginning your practice in your everyday life. So let’s talk about how to get into the swing of things:

  • Clear your mind
    • You don’t need to join expensive yoga classes or buy meditation podcasts to shift into a more purposeful mindset.
    • Try intentional breathing exercises and relaxing your body one section at a time– you’ll wonder how you didn’t notice how tense you were before this!
  • Setting the mood
    • Candles, a hot bath, music– pick your sexy poison to get you and your partner in the mood.
  • The Three C’s
    • Be comfortable:
      • make sure your environment is not too cold and is peaceful.
  • Be confident:
    • let those insecurities slip away to really give in to the experience
  • Be connected:
    • Listen and watch your partner's reactions. Let what you notice guide what happens next.

Tantric Sex 101: The Basics you need to know

There’s no set-in-stone way to have tantric sex so there aren’t any step-by-step rules, but here are a few ideas:

  • Start with purposeful eye contact.
    • After you set the mood, take time to gaze into your partner's eyes and really see them for who they are.
    • Join your partner’s rhythm with slow, synced breathing
  • Sensual massaging
    • Need we say more? Touch and caress your partner’s body to cleanse the remaining tension from their body. Take turns and let those reservations melt.
  • Be natural
    • Using a natural lubricant is one of the easiest ways to make your practice in tantric sex more sensual– plus it’s good for your body.
  • Connect
    • There are plenty of ways to do this, but one of the most foundational ways to connect with your partner in tantra is by sitting in the Yab Yum pose by having your partner sit cross-legged while you sit, facing them, on top of the legs.
      • Once you’re intertwined, indulge in a deep, tantric kiss. Let everything else develop slowly and naturally.

Outside of the bedroom:

This experience of tantric sex doesn’t end with an orgasm, here’s what you can take outside of the bedroom.

  • Treat yourself
    • Taking care of your bodystarts by being mindful of what goes in and out of you also includes food
  • “Celestial Sex”
    • Some even take the practice of tantric sex to the next level by researching the kind of intimacy they could experiment with based on their zodiac signs.
  • Reap the benefits
    • Some of the most rewarding parts of tantric sex, aside from the mind-blowing orgasms, come after the session is over.
      • Closeness to your partner, breaking down walls, prolonged relaxation, and a boosted immune system are all on your horizon.

So what now?

You’ve read all about it - get out there and experience what sex without barriers can really be. Have fun and remember that we’re always there for you with our all-organic products.