Founded in Salt Lake City, UT in 2012, Coconu is committed to helping couples lead healthier, happier lives by offering 100% safe and organic personal care products. The company insists on integrity and transparency in their company, products and partnerships, exemplified by the market’s first USDA certified organic coconut oil personal lubricant. Coconu strives to make the world a better place one tube at a time with natural ingredients you can trust.

Taylor Warnick

Taylor Warnick


Taylor Warnick founded Coconu to meet the need for intimate products with the same standard of healthy organic ingredients his family chooses for their food.

Sarah Belzer


Sarah, joined the team in 2017 to help grow the company and expand their line of organic coconut personal care products.

Creating a Sustainable Culture

Honesty is essential to healthy relationships and so Coconu insists on operating with integrity and transparency. They use plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, which are USDA certified organic whenever possible. And this sustainability extends to how their products are manufactured and packaged (with re-usable packaging and higher post-consumer recycled materials), employee work environments, waste management, energy usage and much more.