We are excited to dive into a topic that can often be avoided but shouldn’t be: sex toys. Recently, we stumbled upon a fantastic Vogue article titled "Here’s What a ‘Sexpert’ Wants You to Know About Sex Toys (No, You Can’t Use a Vibrator Too Much)," and it got us buzzing with excitement. As a brand that's all about enhancing intimacy and promoting self-care, we couldn't resist sharing our take on the valuable insights this 'sexpert' has to offer.

Unpacking the Vogue Article

In the Vogue article, author Atalie Gimmel reminds us that sex toys used to be seen as gratuitous and only for the sexually “adventurous,” but they’re now commonplace. Gimmel says, “Despite the taboos that surround sex toys, and for that matter, female sexuality and desire, research tells us that the use of sex toys increases the frequency of orgasms. Not only that, but sex toys have also been linked to facilitating orgasms for perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women with orgasmic disorder.

She refers to Dr. Laurie Mintz, a professor at the University of Florida,  and licensed psychologist and the author of “A Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex” and “Becoming Cliterate.” Dr. Mintz says that only 4 percent of people with vaginas orgasm most reliably from penetration alone. “The rest need clitoral stimulation, either alone or coupled with penetration.” Plain and simple, she explains, “people with vaginas who use vibrators have easier and more frequent orgasms.”

 Dr. Mintz suggests that first time users begin with a clitoral vibrator that has different speeds to experiment with. She says the intensity of the vibrations enjoyed will vary among different people so it’s important to be able to adjust to what works best.

She also debunks one of the great myths about vibrators… you cannot use them too much. She says that it wont damage your clitoris or make it “loose” as she has heard some people worry. She says if you start to feel numb, take a break. Just like you would if your butt was feeling numb from riding a bike. 

She says it’s important to use a vibrator with your partner if you need one to orgasm. When asked how one would go about talking to their partner she shares a good comparison: 

“Imagine yourself swimming in a pool with your partner. You’re having a great day swimming, and there happens to be a raft there, and you jump on and off the raft. At the end of the day you don’t call your friend and say, ‘my raft and I had so much fun, and oh my partner was there too.’ The same is true for using sex toys. Make sure you and your partner both understand that sex toys are not a substitute for a partner, but rather tools that provide additional stimulation—and then the fun part: go shopping!”

She says that most sex toys can be cleaned with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Wash them for at least 20 seconds and dry them with a clean towel. 

These ideas align perfectly with our Coconu ethos. We've always believed that sex and pleasure should never be limited by outdated taboos or misconceptions. Exploring your desires and preferences through sex toys can lead to better self-awareness, improved intimacy with your partner, and enhanced satisfaction. It's all about finding what works best for you and your unique needs. We decided to produce a Coconu vibrator, Coconu Wave Personal Massager, for these very reasons and hope that it will help you in your journey in discovering your own pleasure and well-being.

So, remember, there's no such thing as using a vibrator "too much." Here’s to exploring and embracing self-care, and reaching improved intimacy.