Our Story

Building a Better Company

Coconu is committed to helping people lead healthier, happier lives by offering 100% safe and organic personal care products. The company was founded in 2012 when they took a closer look at the available personal lubricants ingredient list and could not find a product that met their standards. The company continues to make the world a better place, one tube at a time, with natural ingredients customers can trust and a “good, clean, healthy, fun” attitude toward what happens in the bedroom. With a brand personality as clean and fresh as the ingredients they source, Coconu is dedicated to helping people increase their capacity for connection, intimacy, and pleasure.

Meet Angela and Taylor


Coconu was founded by a couple committed to the health of their relationship and family. An active lifestyle, green living, and organic foods were always integral to their approach. So, when they wanted to try personal lubricants after the birth of their second child, they looked for a product that met their standards for high quality and certified organic ingredients. They were surprised to find that many companies were claiming “natural” and “organic” without certification, and their products still contained harmful ingredients. Determined to find a better solution, they established Coconu in 2012 to introduce the first USDA certified organic coconut oil personal lubricant. This was followed quickly by a coconut water-based lubricant. Both formulas have developed a loyal following of customers, who, like the founders, appreciate a safe and effective personal lubricant that meets their standards for healthy living.

Meet Sarah


Sarah Belzer, Taylor’s sister, joined the team to help grow the company and expand their line of organic coconut personal care products. Sarah is committed to health and happiness, starting with herself, her husband, and their three sons. But her sphere of influence extends beyond home and office to local political and social organizations focused on the environment and women’s health issues. Sarah brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to the company as well as a personal vision of empowering women.

Coconu Commitment

Part of our commitment to being “better” is operating with integrity and transparency, and creating an environment where all individuals, regardless of their differences, have the opportunity to become their best selves. We leverage our voice, our vote, our platform and our profits to support causes that further tolerance, diversity, health and equity for all. Out of respect for our environment, we use plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, which are USDA certified organic whenever possible, and plastic-free product packaging made in the US from sugar cane.


Coconu's dedication to health and happiness goes beyond product offerings and extends to meaningful partnerships with causes that are aligned with Coconu's mission. To give back, Coconu donates a portion of all purchases of its organic personal lubricants to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), enabling them to actively contribute to the advancement of ovarian cancer research and patient support initiatives.