Coconu and a Better You

Coconu is dedicated to helping couples increase their capacity for connection, intimacy and pleasure.

Have Better Sex, Naturally


Coconu is focused on helping you find more opportunities to connect and be intimate with your partner. Our personal care products offer couples increased possibility for pleasure, both functional and fun. Coconut oil and water based personal lubricants ease physical limitations for a more rewarding experience.


Our personal lubricants create stimulating, deeply satisfying sexual experiences for you and your partner. It will awaken your senses while the organic ingredients provide real health benefits. It has a sensousous feel that will moisturize sensitive areas while giving you a boost during your most intimate moments.

Every Day Life



Like all good things, the more you have, the more you crave. Especially when it comes to sharing Coconu products with your partner. Our all-natural formulation makes for an even better experience. Our customer reviews are proving it.

Water Based

Blanca Warner

Yes! A vegan lube! Finally! It's ridiculous how hard it is to find vegan lube. It works really nicely too. Very soothing.

Oil Based

Dominic Edwards

So glad to have found an organic item that actually works. It doesn't dry up and it doesn't leave any weird film behind. Tastes and smells like basically nothing.

Why Coconu?
coconu oil based personal lubricant

Oil Based

Longer lasting, great for skin on skin, doubles as a massage oil.

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coconu water based personal lubricant

Water Based

Silky feel, quick absorbing, vegan.

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