The Best Water Based Lube for 2023 (Plus How to Use Lubricants)

Looking for the best water based lube to  increase your sexual pleasure?

Not only does a personal lubricant eliminate vaginal dryness, but it also enhances any sexual experience - be it solo, sex toy play or good old-fashioned sex.

Even if you and your partner have sufficient natural lubrication, a personal lube adds to the excitement and fun of love making. 

Why use a water-based lube?

Oil based lubes, natural lubes, and silicone lubricants are messier than water-based lube and most of them are not condom safe.

A water soluble personal lubricant  is non-sticky, easy to clean up, doesn’t stain your sheets or clothing, and is safe for both condoms and sex toys.

What could be better? They are the most natural feeling type of lube.

To help you find the best water-based lube for 2023, without going through the hassle of experimenting with dozens of products, I have curated a list of the 7 best water-based lubes on the market.

Here’s what this article will cover:

 What Are Natural Water-Based Lubricants?

Some personal water based lubes can contain harsh chemicals and spermicides that damage tissues and can lead to skin rashes and infections. Therefore, it's best to opt for a natural lubricant.

Water based natural lubricants are made with organic ingredients like coconut water, beeswax, and shea butter.

A natural water-based sex lube is also free of harsh chemicals and ingredients like glycerin and parabens that can irritate the delicate skin of your vagina and anus.


Is coconut oil a water-based lubricant?

Coconut oil is not a water-based lube, because it is oil. Oil-based lubes are not considered condom safe. Pure coconut oil has also been known to disrupt the pH balance of the vagina due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

However, when added to a properly formulated lubricant like Coconu’s oil-based lube, coconut oil is not only effective, but has all the attractive properties of the pure coconut oil.

It can even be used as a sensual massage oil to get the fun started. 

What is the Best Water-Based Lubricant?

Though there are many great water-based lubes on the market, not all are created equal - hence the hierarchy presented below.

Below are 7 water based lubes that are great for all kinds of play, including foreplay, anal play, manual stimulation, oral sex, and vaginal sex.

Ready to find the best lube for your sensual interests?

Let’s go!

  1. Coconu
coconu water based lube

    Made from 100% natural ingredients, Coconu is a healthy and restorative water-based lube for your most sensitive tissues. It is also hypoallergenic - making it great for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

    Coconu’s water-based lube is glycerin and paraben-free. It is also free of alcohol, petroleum, gluten, phthalates, fragrances and dyes.

    What’s more?

    Coconu’s consistency feels like the body’s natural lubrication and is 100% edible. This pH-balanced lubricant prevents irritation and damage to the vagina. Even better, it combats vaginal dryness and heightens your sexual sensations while moisturizing your internal tissues.

    Whether it’s finger play, foreplay, oral sex, or full penetration, this high-quality lube has you covered. 

    Price:  $24.99 - 3 oz

    1. Sliquid Sassy Formula
    sliquid water based lube

      Sliquid’s water based natural lubricant is unflavored and unscented.

      This water based sex lube is good for those with sensitive skin as well as those who want a slick experience without the other bells and whistles.

      What else does this lube have to offer?

      It is 100% vegan friendly, glycerin free, and paraben free. Like other water-based lubes, it is safe to use with latex condoms and silicone toys. Because it is water soluble, it is easy to clean up and non-sticky. 

      Price: $12.00 - 4.2 oz

      1. Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricant
      good clean love water based lube

        This certified organic and carbo-neutral product is pH balanced to enhance your sex life while taking care of the planet.

        Made with soothing aloe vera, zesty lemon, and warm vanilla, this water-based personal lubricant provides a delicious experience that is sure to turn anyone on. 

        It is free of petrochemicals, parabens, and glycerin. It is also safe with sex toys, latex and polyisoprene condoms.

        What else?

        Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked lubricant is pH-balanced and iso-osmolar. Iso-osmolar means that it matches the body’s natural salt balance, keeping your cervical and rectal cells healthy. 

        Price: $11.99 - 4 oz

        1. Pjur Woman Aqua
        pjur water based lube

        Pjur Woman Aqua is an unscented, unflavored lube that provides fantastic glide while also acting as a moisturizer for the body.

        Pjur is delivered in discreet packaging and is sex toy friendly. It is dermatologically tested and provides a great glide factor.

        Note - While Pjur is on the list for its popularity and simple composition, it is only compatible with latex condoms and unfortunately contains glycerin. 

        Price: $19.99 - 3.4 oz

        1. Aloe Cadabra Natural Organic Lubricant

        aloe cadabra water based lube

        According to Aloe Cadabra - if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it in your body. That’s right, all of their lubes are 100% edible!

        Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, Aloe Cadabra brings a nearly 95% organic personal lubricant to the table.

        The best part about Aloe Cadabra? They offer over 12 flavors to choose from that all contain healing aloe vera and vitamin e, including:

        • Pina Colada
        • Naked Strawberry
        • Peppermint Tingle
        • Orange Cream
        • Key Lime Pie
        • Butter Rum
        • French Lavender Scent
        • Natural Aloe (Unscented)

        This lube enables you to lubricate without dealing with the harsh chemicals in other flavored lubricants. Finally, flavored lubes that compliment your sexual health!

        Price: $11.95 - 2.5 oz

        1. Lulu Water-Based Lubricant
        lulu water based lube

          Lulu lube is both paraben and glycerin free and comes in a gorgeous, discreet bottle.

          Made for men and women alike, Lulu sex lube is natural, tasteless, and scentless. Known for its thick consistency, it requires less reapplication than other water based lubes on the market.

          With a 100% money back guarantee and all natural ingredients, you can try it out risk free! 

          Price: $16.34 - 16 oz (Prices fluctuate on Amazon)

          1. Nooky Lube
          nooky water based lubenooky water based lube

            Nooky Lube is a natural water based lubricant that is petrochemical, glycerin and paraben free.

            Claimed to provide more slip and glide than petroleum and silicone lubes, Nooky Lube provides long lasting fun for all of your sexual activities.

            Want an easy clean up?

            Like other water based lubes, Nooky Lube washes off with water. Get a silicone-like glide without the mess.

            Price: $16.95 - 16 oz

            A Few Things To Know Before You Buy

            When purchasing a lube you should always check the ingredients first. As mentioned earlier, many personal lubricants contain harsh ingredients that may cause irritation and allergic reactions.

            Some of the ingredients to avoid when buying a personal lubricant include:

            • Artificial flavors
            • Colors
            • Sugars
            • Essential oils
            • Additional additives
            • Glycerin
            • Spermicide

            Preservatives and petroleum derived ingredients are often used in personal lubes to lower the cost of production.

            These ingredients, however, can damage the mucus membrane of both the vagina and anus. They are known to increase the likeliness of bacterial infections, yeast infections, and STI transmission.

            Things to remember: 

            • Tingling and warming lubricants often contain harsh additives. 
            • Products that boast extra slipperiness often contain high levels of glycerin or glycerol. 

             Pros of Using Water-Based Lubes

            • It is safe for any type of sex, be it vaginal, anal, oral. It is also condom and sex toy safe.
            • Water based lubes are non-greasy and non-sticky -- making your sexual experience more enjoyable.
            • It is very easy to clean water-based lubes as they are water soluble.

            Cons of Using Water-Based Lubes

            • Being water soluble makes for easy clean-up, but it also means you cannot use them for shower sex!
            • Water based lubes also need frequent reapplication.

            How to Use Water-Based Lube

            Like any other lube, water-based personal lubricants are easy to use!

            Simply apply a small or large amount to the area you are trying to arouse. You can apply it to all areas of the body as well as on your sex toys.

            This includes but is not limited to the:

            • Nipples
            • Vagina
            • Clitoris
            • Anus
            • Penis
            • Vibrator
            • Silicone sex toys

             Because it is made of mostly water, it dries up quickly. Reapply frequently to avoid friction that can lead to tears and major discomfort. Reapplication is crucial during backdoor play.

            What about your body’s natural lubricants?

            The body produces a variety of natural lubes that can be used to turn up the heat.

            The most obvious is vaginal arousal fluid. This fluid comes specifically from sexual arousal and is part of the body’s natural sexual response.

            Similarly, cervical fluid can be used around the time of ovulation. However, it is crucial to note that ovulation is the timeframe in which you are most fertile and likely to be impregnated.

            Which Lube Will You Opt For?

            In moments of passion, lube can turn up the heat and add a slippery element to your sexual activities.

            There are several other brands on the market, including Astroglide, Uberlube, Jo H2O, Isabel Fay, Id Glide, Swiss Navy, and K-Y Jelly.

            If you want the best lubes for 2023 though, choose from the 7 best water based lubes listed above or just go our top pick, Coconu!