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Coconu Water Based lubricant is safe for use with condoms. It’s not advised to use Coconu Oil Based lubricant with latex condoms as the oils can reduce the integrity of latex.

Using clean, chemical-free products is important, particularly during pregnancy or when trying to conceive. Coconu products are 100% natural, free from harmful substances like glycerin, sulfates, spermicides, and parabens. They are a healthy choice, but it's always wise to consult your doctor before introducing new products to your routine.

Anything that goes in your vagina should be of the same quality and meet the same safety standards as something you would eat. Coconu lubricants are 100% natural and 100% edible. Our lubricants can enhance all types of play including manual and oral stimulation.

Yes, the water-based and oil-based Coconu Lubricants are very slippery and effective with toys.

Yes, both water-based and oil-based Coconu formulas are safe to use for anal sex. However, if you’re using a latex condom, use the water-based formula.

Hemp body oil can be used as a lube as well as a body oil! When using as body oil, apply it liberally wherever your body needs a little soothing. It’s great for sore muscles, aches and pains, and sensitive skin. It’s formulated to be quickly absorbed for immediate hydration and soothing. Allow up to thirty minutes after applying and massaging to experience increased sensation and decreased discomfort.

To turn on: hold down the power button (located on the bottom of the device) for 1.5 seconds. Cycle through the 10 vibration settings, by pressing the power button. To turn off: hold the power button for 1.5 seconds. Download Coconu Wave Manual here.

Coconu Wave can be used for solo play and is great for use with a partner too! It’s a perfect addition to foreplay as well as sex with your partner. Check out our articles about what vibrators are and how they work on our learn page.

Coconu Wave is water resistant (do not submerge under water).


Store all Coconu products at room temperature so they are always ready to go. Because of the natural properties of the coconut oil, the Oil Based Lubricant and the Hemp Infused Body Oil may harden a bit if they get too cold. But they can be warmed up just as easily—just massage it lightly with your hand or run the tube under warm water (make sure the lid is closed tightly).

Coconu lubricants have a shelf life of 1 year, unopened. Just make sure to store it at room temperature. Our lubricants are made with all-natural ingredients and no harmful preservatives, so we recommend reordering a fresh supply within 6 months of opening.


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