What You Can Expect From A Full Body Massage (Plus 8 Reasons To Indulge In It)

You are on the go all day, every day, so why shouldn’t you indulge yourself with some massage therapy?

I’m not talking about a short neck or foot rub that relieves one part of the body.

I’m talking about the kind of massage therapy that gets rid of stress, tension, and aches from your entire body. 

That’s right - a full body massage!

But, the thought of a stranger touching every part of your body doesn’t sound like the relaxing massage experience you want.

But that’s not the case at all!

If you are worried about what happens during a full body massage, this article is for you. 

Find out what a full body massage is and what you can expect. I have also revealed eight benefits of a full body massage that'll leave you spellbound. 

In This Article, We Will Cover:

Ready to get started?

What Is A Full Body Massage?

What is a full body massage?

A full body massage aims to provide deep relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and improve circulation.

The masseuse accomplishes this by focusing on all areas of the body - the back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, and even your hands.

You strip down to your birthday suit for this massage therapy, but a towel will cover the parts that aren’t being massaged. Plus, you can keep your underwear on if it helps you feel comfier.

An even bigger bonus, if it feels like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you can tell the massage therapist to focus on that area. 

This doesn’t mean those will be only parts of your body taken care of - it just means that they will spend more time on that specific area. 

Half Body and Localized Massages

If your calendar doesn’t have the time for a full body massage, you could always book a spa appointment for a half body Swedish massage or a localized deep tissue massage

The Half Body Massage usually focuses on the back, shoulders, and neck - because this is where you carry all the stress and tension. 

On the other hand - localized massage therapy focuses on a specified area of your body where you are sore or tense. 

Think of it as a sports massage that takes care of an injury or tension from an intense workout, except you don’t have to be an elite athlete to get this kind of treatment. This kind of bodywork treatment is more to alleviate pain than for the sort of relaxation you would get at a spa. 

Throughout the massage, there will be a massage oil involved. These oils might include ingredients similar to Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil to get all the fantastic benefits of Hemp working on your body.

Not sure what benefits Hemp has? Check out my detailed post on Hemp Massage Oils to find out. 

What To Expect From A Full Body Massage?

What to expect in a full body massage

Feeling a bit awkward during a full body massage is common, especially if you are new to massages. 

Most professional massage therapists are entirely aware that this kind of therapy is a new adventure for most. They will gently guide you along to make sure you are comfortable. 

Whether you go to a massage parlor or the massage therapist comes to your home, here’s what you can expect:

1. Pre-Massage Preparation

Here the scene is set for a relaxing massage. 

A licensed massage therapist will generally have their treatment toolkit with them. This toolkit could include towels, music, massage oils, or a massage table if done at your home. 

If you asked for an aromatherapy massage, they would bring along a specific essential oil for the treatment.

Note: If you have any skin irritations or allergies, or perhaps want the massage therapist to concentrate on a specific area - this is the time to speak up. 

A professional massage therapist will also walk you through their process and make sure you are comfortable with everything - before any disrobing occurs.

Once everyone is on the same page, the massage therapist will leave the room and ask you to undress and get on the table (or massage chair.) 

2. The Massage Begins

Full body massages usually start with you lying face down on the table, as the massage therapist starts on your neck and back. 

Using massage oil - the massage therapist will warm up your skin and start to relax your muscles. They will also guide you in your breathing and begin to stretch your muscles to get them moving (we'll talk about why this is so important later). 

If you feel like you are resisting and struggling to relax - don’t overthink and worry about it. These feelings occur because your muscles are getting a workout from above, and the table supports you from below. 

Remember: this treatment is supposed to help, not hurt. If you feel pain, your skin starts to itch, or you feel uncomfortable - speak up, and your massage therapist will adjust their routine. 

Halfway through the full body massage, the masseuse will ask you to flip over onto your back. 

What happens if that towel slips and your naked body is exposed? 

Don’t worry - the massage therapist will preserve your modesty and ensure that the towel stays in place. 

Once settled in, the focus will now be on the arms, thighs, shoulders, and the muscles that carry tension on the front side of your body. 

This massage therapy will stretch and massage your tight muscles till all the muscular tension is released. 

3. The Final Moments

Whether it is a remedial therapy or relaxing massage, in the end, the massage therapist will take time to round out the whole experience. 

The massage professionals will not rush to finish the massage. 

Yes, the masseuse has taken a lot of time to massage every muscle in your entire body - but rushing the therapy at the end will take away from this glorious experience. 

Generally, the massage therapist will apply slight pressure to your body to balance and ground you. 

Some massage therapists like to finish the therapy with a facial or scalp massage and use a massage technique to apply pressure to the temples gently. 

Your masseuse will tell you when your full body massage has finished. Your massage therapist won’t just leave the room with your leg half stretched out mid-air! 

Each massage therapist has their unique way of doing things. However, the steps I have laid out above is usually the experience you will get during a full body massage with a professional masseuse. 

4. How You Will Feel Afterwards

At the end of a full body massage, you should feel completely relaxed and restored - just about ready to roll into bed and take a good nap. All of the tension and stress you were carrying in your body will be gone. 

If you went for a deep tissue massage, you might feel a bit uncomfy or stiff. But this is nothing to worry about - your muscles just had a massive workout. And just like with any typical exercise, flexibility and mobility will return in 24-48 hours.

Because of the intense workout that a deep tissue massage gives your muscles, it can also improve your posture.

Ready to find out the other hidden benefits of a full body massage?

Benefits Of A Full Body Massage

Benefits of a full body massage

Sure, you feel all relaxed and great after a professional massage - you might even have better balance and increased mobility.

But did you know about these incredible benefits of a full body massage?

1. Refreshed Skin

The hands’ motion and relaxing massage oil, like Coconu’s Oil Based Massage Oil and Personal Lubricant, gently exfoliate the skin during a deep tissue massage. 

The motions and massage oils help eliminate dead skin cells, leaving your skin nourished and feeling great. 

2. Relaxed Nervous System

During a massage, your body enters a “rest and digest” phase. This phase relaxes the entire body and starts to release “feel good” hormones. 

These hormones help regulate your sleep, improve immune cells, help with your blood sugar, and leave you ready to take on anything. 

Sometimes pain in a specific area is caused by a nerve under pressure from a tight muscle, and deep tissue therapy can help relieve it.

3. Improved Digestive System

Did you know that stress affects the way you digest your food? 

Because a full body massage gets rid of stress, it has a very beneficial effect on how your body processes food and nutrients. 

A classic Swedish Massage includes the option for an abdominal massage. This massage focuses directly on your large intestine, where the final stages of digestion take place. 

4. Musculoskeletal Benefits

Your muscles act like sponges during a massage. They release blood and lymph and take in the fresh oxygen, nutrition, and immune cells when they relax. 

The massage will include stretching, kneading, and motion movements - these actions mobilize your joints and place beneficial tension on your ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Some spa treatments include a hot stone massage to help detox and achieve full relaxation in the muscle areas. 

5. Detox the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is more important than you think. It balances the fluid and function of your immune system - which keeps you healthy and happy. 

The stretching, massage motions, and the relaxing that happens during a massage all clean out the lymph nodes and boost your immune system.

A sluggish lymphatic system also causes water retention, and when you drain the system during a massage, this becomes less of a problem. 

This benefit is the top reason mommy’s-to-be book a prenatal massage.

6. Improved Bone Blood Supply

Not only do your muscles, nervous system, and lymph nodes get a good workout, but a full body massage does wonders for your bones. 

Healthy blood flow to your bones increases the number of nutrients and calcium to your bones - boosting your skeletal system. 

7. Easy Breathing

During a full body massage, your massage therapist will ask you to take a deep breath before focusing on a new area. Unrestricted breathing is one of the quickest ways to reduce stress. 

Since you carry a lot of tension in your chest, neck muscles, and shoulders, it is no wonder why restricted breathing occurs when we are stressed out. 

As your body relaxes, your breathing will start to deepen and even out. Letting your masseuse work those tense muscles and reduce tightness that may be hindering your breathing. 

You could even ask your massage therapist to massage the intercostal muscles (between the ribs) to help promote natural and effortless breathing. 

8. A Happy And Healthy Heart

It is no surprise that a full body massage is good for the heart as well!

A vasodilation process occurs when you’re getting a massage - deep tissue or a simple spa bodywork therapy. This process helps the large veins and arteries in your muscles relax, which increases oxygen and blood flow delivery to your organs. 

Your cardiovascular system relaxes, and blood circulation throughout your whole body improves. 

Don’t Underestimate The Possibilities

full body massage has endless possibilities

Often, people think of full body massages, like a deep tissue massage, Thai Massage, or a Shiatsu massage, as a waste of time and energy. 

But they are and do so much more than that. 

A full body massage is a great way to spoil yourself at a spa. This therapeutic massage is a perfect way to rejuvenate every part of your body, increase energy, eliminate those irritating sore muscles, and reach a point of ultimate relaxation.

A full body massage is also a great way to show your partner you love them or incorporate it in the bedroom as foreplay. 

I strongly suggest an intimate massage if you want to spoil your partner at home and make that spark burn even brighter. 

Want to up the ante during your couples massage? 

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Coconu’s coconut oil-based lubricant and the water-based personal lube also double up as massage oils. You can quickly and easily move from your deep-tissue massage to a steamy bedroom routine without wasting time on the search for your favorite lube.

Whether you opt for the Hemp Infused body oil, the Oil-based, or water-based products from Coconu, you and your partner will enjoy the ultimate at-home spa treatment. 

Now that you have your plans for your next date night, grab your Coconu Intimacy Gift Set, explore your partner’s body (or your own) and enjoy all the benefits of a full body massage at home.