What Happens In An Intimate Massage?

Did you know an intimate massage is more than just foreplay?

When experienced with a professional therapist, a full-body intimate massage or yoni massage will free your sexual energy, release emotional blockages, and enable you to be in sync with your body.

When couples give a sensual massage to each other, it deepens your sexual and emotional connection.

An intimate massage can also provide relief from stress, sexual tension, and physical pain.

Even better?

You don’t have to restrict yourself to body oil, essential oil, or massage oil when indulging in a rub down. Any organic personal lubricant like Coconu coconut oil-based lube can be just as handy for an erotic massage.

So, what are the benefits of intimate massage? How do you give a sensual massage? And what can you expect with a massage therapist?

In this article, I’ll lift the veil on all these questions and much more. I’ll discuss how an erotic massage enables couples to tap into their sensual selves. I’ll also walk you through the best techniques for massaging intimate areas.

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Here’s What I’ll Cover:

What Is Intimate Massage?

An intimate massage involves using the hand and body to caress, stroke, and rub all parts of your body, including the genitals. The purpose of this profoundly sensual experience is to arouse intense erotic sensations while strengthening the emotional and physical connection between couples.  

This sensual massage pleasures the skin and your intimate areas, like the vagina and clitoris, in specific ways that can expand your sensual awareness.

Intimate massage

However, how you are touched and in which specific areas is something you always control, whether with a therapist or your partner.

You can experience this full body massage with a professional intimate massage therapist or explore it with your partner. As the masseur, you discover how to pleasure your partner; as the recipient, you learn to revel in your partner’s touch.

With a sensual massage therapist, you can intentionally, carefully, and respectfully explore your body. While this erotic massage uses arousal and orgasm to relax, the intention is therapeutic and not sexual. 

That’s not all!

The benefits of intimate massage go beyond sexual wellness. Just like the therapeutic benefits of a traditional massage, a sensual massage also eliminates stress and tension from your body. 

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Health Benefits Of An Intimate Massage

intimate massage

Here are four essential health benefits of a sensual massage, whether it is with a partner or professional therapist:

1. Deeper Emotional Connection

As you remove sexual barriers during an intimate massage, couples connect better on an emotional level. With each rub and touch, you discover and appreciate your partner's body's physical aspects, which in turn brings you closer.

That’s not all!

When you receive a sensual massage, the therapist or your partner enables you to perceive your own body, thereby deepening your emotional connection with yourself.

2. Better Physical Bonding 

When you touch or be touched during an intimate massage, pleasure hormones are released throughout your body.  

You also notice new things about yourself or your partner - like the softness of their skin, a new freckle, or how their muscles move when the body relaxes during the massage. The experience brings about an amplified bonding on the physical level.

3. Enjoying Sexual Freedom

A session with a sensual massage therapist takes place in a comfortable and safe space that eliminates any judgment. This can enable you to explore your sexual desire, like the inclination towards oral play or anal sex. 

With the help of a sensual massage therapist, you can shed your sexual inhibitions and enjoy multiple orgasms.

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4. Healing Benefits Of Touch 

Unlike an ordinary massage, the hormones released during an intimate massage have amazing health benefits.  During intimate stimulation, the hormone oxytocin is released.  Also known as the ‘love hormone,’ oxytocin helps enhance emotional bonding between couples. 

Endorphins, which are natural mood-boosters, are also released.  Higher levels of endorphins also help you manage stress and reduce pain.  These hormones help boost your immune systems and leave you feeling exhilarated.

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How To Give An Intimate Massage? 

how to give an intimate massage

Planning to give a sensual massage to your partner? 

Here’s how to do it right:

1. Set The Mood 

Candlelight, the sweet aroma of lavender or other relaxing essential oils, hydrating body oil, or lubricant - these are few things that can go a long way in making your massage session deeply satisfying. 

Here are some tips to help set the mood:

  • Lighting: Make sure the room is not too bright.  Low lighting, even candlelight, will help create a relaxed and sensual atmosphere. 
  • Temperature: Cold drafts and chilly temperatures can quickly dampen the mood.  Make sure the room is warm and draft-free. 
  • Music: It should be soothing and soft - sounds of nature, waves, rainfall are considered relaxing. Find something both you and your partner enjoy. 
  • Aroma: You can use essential oils, incense, or a massage candle to complement the scent of the body oil you chose for the evening. 
  • Massage Oil: This is the most important ingredient. When you seek deep relaxation, use Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil. This oil contains 150mg hemp that is known for its muscle relaxant and pain relief properties.

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2. Get Hands-On (Sensual Massage Techniques)

Now that you have set the mood, here are some massage techniques that help you make this an exhilarating session.  

  • Start at the top: Most people carry tension in the scalp and shoulder area, so starting with a scalp massage will help your partner relax. 
  • Take it slow: Remember, the key to making an intimate massage work is taking your time. The build-up of arousal will make the whole experience worth it.
  • Move down the back: Like the shoulders, this is another area people tend to carry their stress and tension. Kneading this area with your palms will release the tension and relax the body.
  • Next is the legs: Not everyone knows there are pressure points on your legs that can cause sexual arousal.  Taking your time on the legs will make your partner feel even more relaxed and aroused. 
  • Don’t forget the face: The face has many sensitive areas.  The temples, the front of the neck, and ears are all sensitive places you can pay attention to.

3. Listen To Each Other

While you uncover new aspects of each other’s bodies, it is important to stay in the present.  Pay attention to how your partner responds to your touch. Ask them how they want your hands to move over their bodies.  

Intimate massages include compression techniques, friction, kneading, and stroking - so you need to tune into what your partner likes the most. Some people like to be touched lightly and caressed, while others prefer a more vigorous kneading to feel the pressure.  

Remember to watch and listen to your partner's movements, breathing, and reactions during the massage. If they show any signs of discomfort during the massage - stop, and change the massage technique.

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4. Massage Oils, Lubricants, Sex Toys 

Oils, adult toys, and lubes - all these can be used to enhance the experience.

A vital part to remember when choosing an intimate massage oil is to use natural body oil or lubricant that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Some products in your kitchen cupboards, like coconut oil, can double up as a massage oil as well as a lubricant. 

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Note: Oil tends to break down latex in a condom, so if you plan to use condoms, go for water-based or silicone personal lubricants.

You can also use scented aromatherapy oils or essential oils to a base oil like coconut, olive, or almond to enhance the senses. Lavender, Sandalwood, or Jasmine promotes feelings of love, relaxation and soothes anxiety.

The soft-touch of feathers and shawls can be used to heighten the sensitivity of your skin receptors. Using a sex toy like a vibrator can be the perfect addition to your session.

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What To Expect With A Massage Therapist?

Intimate massage with a massage therapist

If you want to discover your sexuality on a deeper level, you can consult a professional sensual massage therapist. 

Sensual therapists know what it takes to function as a perfectly tuned sexual being. They study the anthropological, biological, reproductive, and psychological elements that make you tick. When these different elements are unbalanced, it causes confusion, frustration, and conflict within the body and mind. 

The massage therapist will adjust them, helping you find yourself, feel confident and content in your body. 

Want to know what a yoni massage is?

In Sanskrit, the vagina is known as the Yoni, and it means “sacred space.”

Here’s what you can expect in a yoni massage with a professional therapist:

  • At the beginning of the massage, the masseuse will determine your purpose for the massage. This massage is not sexual, but rather a place where you can unearth what your body can do.  
  • The masseuse will also find out your boundaries - how you want to be touched and where. Setting boundaries helps you feel comfortable and will make sure you experience the full benefit of this pleasurable experience. 
  • The yoni massage starts with a full body massage.  The idea behind this is to relax your body and make you as calm as possible.
  • During the full body massage, it is important to pay attention to your breathing. Deep breaths increase your body’s amount of energy and help you focus on what you are feeling. 
  • Once your body is fully relaxed, the masseuse will move towards your intimate areas
  • You will feel a pressing and holding sensation around your vaginal region.  This massage technique helps the masseuse find tension, just like you would with a sore point on your shoulder. 
  • Once tension has been released with external stimulation around your genitals and nipples, the masseuse can go deeper to provide internal stimulation. (However, this is something that you will decide at the beginning of the massage, and you can change your decision even at this stage.)

With internal stimulation, you may experience orgasm or just a feeling of blissfulness.

As long as you feel relaxed and happy, the objective of the massage will be attained.

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Who Is A Good Sensual Massage Therapist?

A professional sensual massage therapist should make you feel comfortable from the word ‘go'.

They should be able to inspire trust through their style and approach.

Before making a booking, look up the therapist's website to understand the different massage options, location of the treatment studios, confidentiality aspects, and even testimonials. 

Everything about them and their treatment area should be warm, welcoming, and, most importantly, clean. Before you agree to the massage, the massage therapist should explain the exact process in detail and discuss your expectations and boundaries.  

A good therapist should understand the client’s specific needs intuitively while making their physical boundaries clear.  

Who Can Benefit From A Sensual Massage?

The short answer: Everyone benefits from a sensual massage.  

We have already discussed the health and sexual benefits, but an intimate massage can do so much more. For couples, an erotic massage can reignite the sexual spark.  For individuals, it can reveal the delights of escapism while releasing muscular tension.  

For men, it can help with loss of libido or fears and issues with intimacy. It is an opportunity for women to explore their sexuality and bodies without feeling subconscious or expected to perform in a certain way.  

Open Up To Pleasure 

An intimate massage is a tantalizing way to experience a new level of intimacy with your partner. It is also a sensual method to gain freedom from sexual inhibitions and restrictions.

Sex and intimacy are a vital part of any healthy relationship. Especially one that you have with yourself. An intimate massage can enable you to amplify your relationship with yourself and your partner.

For an optimum intimate experience, go slow and be open to pleasure.

And if you want to up the ante on pleasure, Coconu Hemp infused body oil should be your go-to massage oil. It combines the goodness of coconut oil with the known benefits of hemp to soothe your body before, during, and after any therapeutic session.

This silky and lightweight oil can be used to massage and nourish your skin, soothe pain and discomfort, or increase sensation and ease tension. With Coconu Hemp Infused Body oil, you can truly enjoy being in your skin. 

Ready for a relaxing sensual massage? 

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