52 Dirty Talk Examples To Send Your Partner Over The Edge

Wanna know the easiest way to have a frolicking good time in bed?

Dirty talk!

However, talking dirty to your partner can feel pretty intimidating, especially if you’ve never attempted it.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the best dirty talk examples to add to your repertoire. 

(Psst… we’ll also share a handy cheat sheet to walk the talk!)

Ready to drive your lover wild?

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    52 Dirty Talk Examples To Drive Your Partner Absolutely Wild

    The goal with dirty talk isn’t just to throw sexy words around. It’s to understand how to talk dirty, so you’re comfortable doing it on the regular. 

    Start with simple phrases, and then work your way up. 

    Let’s break it down based on what sexy shenanigans you’re getting up to:

    10 Dirty Talk Examples For Fun Phone Sex

    Is boo out of town? Or are you in a long-distance relationship?

    Nothing gets a person going quite like a round of dirty text messages or phone sex.

    Here are a few simple phrases and fiery questions to bring forth all the lust:

    1. You're such a sexy thing — I can't get you out of my mind.
    2. What’s your favorite sex position?
    3. When we meet, I’m going to [insert sexual activity of choice].
    4. When you walk through that door, I’ll push you against the wall and shower you with kisses.
    5. I have a surprise for you tonight! (wink emoji)
    6. Thinking about last evening is making me hot and bothered.
    7. What are you wearing?
    8. Wanna have sex tonight? I’ll be wearing (attach a picture of your sexy lingerie)
    9. I’ll rip your clothes off as soon as I see you.
    10. I love it when you talk like that!


    The best part?

    When you and your lover do bridge the distance, you can put all dirty talk texts to work in real life. 

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    10 Dirty Talk Examples To Feel the Hype

    Dirty talk is an excellent prelude to sex (hi, hot foreplay!). 

    Imagine whispering suggestive words into your partner’s ear. Trust us; you’ll elicit the response you want (i.e., driving your lover absolutely wild!).

    Try these suggestive dirty talk ideas the next time you want to generate sexual arousal:

    1. I’m not wearing any panties.
    2. I need to feel your lips against my [insert body part].
    3. I want a love bite here [point to your body part]. 
    4. I’m dripping.
    5. I need you inside of me.
    6. Wait until we get home… 
    7. I want you to take me from behind.
    8. I need to taste you right now.
    9. Do you want to feel my body against yours?
    10. I’m dying to watch you play with yourself.

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    10 Dirty Talk Examples For When It Gets Hot and Heavy

    Once things have scaled from foreplay to intense sexual tension, change up the dirty talk. 

    Try a dirty talk phrase or two to turn your love making into a toe-curling experience and drive your partner wild:

    1. Bite me!
    2. Grab my ass
    3. I’m so wet right now
    4. Come for me
    5. Touch me everywhere
    6. I want you to go down on me until I tell you to stop.
    7. Don’t stop!
    8. Do you like that?
    9. Choke me
    10. Moan for me

    10 Dirty Talk Examples To Show Your Sexy Appreciation

    Invigorate your lover’s lust with these dirty phrases of appreciation when you’re getting hot and sweaty:

    1. I love it when you touch me [insert suitable body part].
    2. You feel so good inside me.
    3. I could spend all day between your legs.
    4. You do that so well.
    5. I love your body.
    6. I love it when you bite me.
    7. I love it when you whisper in my ear.
    8. I love the way you taste. 
    9. I love the way you moan. 
    10. I love the way you stroke me.

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    8 Dirty Talk Examples For When All You Need Is One Word

    When words fail, sometimes all it takes is saying just one word. 

    Here are some of our favorites:

    1. Please
    2. Louder
    3. Faster
    4. Harder
    5. Slower
    6. More
    7. Deeper
    8. Yes!

    4 Dirty Talk Examples For The Grand Finale

    Just because the show is nearly over doesn’t mean the dirty talk needs to stop! 

    Seal the deal or gear up for another round of pleasure with a dirty talk phrase like:

    1. Your tongue is incredible!
    2. That was amazing! 
    3. You want to go again?
    4. I love how hard you can make me orgasm.
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    Now that you know a few dirty talk examples, let’s explore why you need to do it.

    Why Dirty Talk, Anyway?

    Talking dirty has many benefits for your love life. This includes ensuring your partner can’t stop thinking about you! 

    Here’s what we love the most about hardcore dirty talk:

    • Boost your sex life and love life: When you incorporate dirty talk into your love making, you enhance your overall sex life.

      This is especially true if you’re in a long-term relationship. Rest assured, talking dirty will only improve sexual activity!
    • Heighten sexual pleasure: Talking dirty will put your fantasies and thoughts into perspective, making way for steamy sex and incredible orgasms.

      That’s because dirty talk stimulates different parts of a person’s body, enhancing the entire sexual experience.
    • Triggers brain stimulation: While the genital area is a vital pleasure-driven organ, the brain is even more powerful.

      Two areas of the brain get triggered during sex: The orbitofrontal cortex (controls pleasure and judgment) and the neocortex and thalamus (controls imagination.)

      Dirty talking stimulates these areas of the brain, giving you all the feels! 


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    4 Proven Tips For a Fiery Dirty Talk Session

    Here’s the thing: Dirty talk doesn’t have to be gross and disgusting. It can be a fiery experience for you both.  

    Just follow these easy tips:

    • Figure out your likes and dislikes: If you don’t know what naughty words turn you on, you’ll be hard-pressed to entice your S.O. So opt for words and phrases that don’t make you wince.
    • Keep your tone sensuous: How you say something is just as important as what you say. So, aim to sound sexy by lowering your voice. Love making is a very sensual, intimate thing — think about that as you talk, and you’ll sound irresistible!
    • Ditch anxiety: We get it — sex talk sounds all fun and games until you do it in real life. It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself and miss out on exploring the nuances of sex. 

      So, try dirty talking with role play to help you step out of your comfort zone. Plus, if you’re worried about sounding silly, you can always blame it on the character you’re emulating!
    • Pay attention to body language: Crossing your arms in front of your chest or crossing your legs are signs of closed, uninviting body language.

      It would be pretty confusing to your partner if your words screamed sex, but your body said no thank you. So be mindful of how you’re sitting, standing, or lying back. This also applies during role play. 

    Hot Tip: 

    Struggling to set your dirty talk anxiety aside? 

    Consider consulting a sex therapist to shed the load off your shoulders and pave the way for better sexual health.

    Need a quick cheat sheet on all the dirty things? 

    We got you!

    Cheat Sheet: 6 Dos and Don’ts to Dirty Talk

    Dirty talking can seem like a lot, especially if it’s your first rodeo. 

    So here are a few easy guidelines to remember during sexy talk:

    • DO use your partner’s name: It keeps you in the present and sounds pretty darn hot when you whisper your S.O.’s name in their ear. 
    • DO share how good boo feels: Even if you run out of things to say, sharing how good your lover feels will always work its magic. Plus, it’ll help them reciprocate the feeling!
    • DO try dominating: If this suits your style, take the reigns and command your lover to do what you like. You could take turns to see what you enjoy. 
    • DON’T call your partner demeaning names: Some dirty words can sound harsh and derogatory, especially if you’re a woman. So figure out what’s an absolute no-no and switch them out for sexier terms. 
    • DON’T propose not using a condom: We beg you, unless you and your lover are committed to each other, never suggest not using a condom as part of your dirty talk. This especially applies if a guy suggests ‘raw dogging it’ (sex without condoms).
    • DON’T tell your S.O. to be quiet: It’s easy to get in your head and let your very active imagination do the work to get you that big O. But telling your partner to shhh up can sound rude and ruin the moment. The goal is for both of you to achieve the best orgasm ever.

    Bring on the Sex Talk, You Sexy Thing!

    Whether you’re sending dirty text messages or saying your favorite dirty talk lines, you ultimately want to feel incredible sexual satisfaction.

    Armed with our dirty talk examples, you’ll be a pro at sexual communication in no time.

    And, if you want to make the experience even sweeter (read: wetter), try Coconu’s Oil Based Singles. It comes in a convenient single-use packet, so you’ll always have the good stuff at the ready.