Is My Sex Drive Too High? (6 Reasons It’s Not A Problem)

Why is my sex drive so high?

Is it normal to feel so horny?

Should I be worried?

If you’re experiencing a supercharged sex drive, you may wonder what the heck is going on.

But don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with you.

From changes in hormone levels to a newly adopted fitness regime, several factors can influence your sexual desire, leading to a higher sex drive. 

Let’s explore all the underlying causes of high libido and what you can do about it (if you want to ;) ).

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What Is Sex Drive?

Sex drive, aka libido, refers to any individual’s desire for sexual activity.

It differs from person to person, with some having low libido or no sexual desire at all and some wanting to engage in sex more often.

If you’re constantly preoccupied with sexual thoughts (even after frequent trips to pound town with your partner), then you may have a high sex drive. 

But hey, don’t sweat it! 

We’re here to answer all your burning questions. 

Why Is My Sex Drive So High?

Here are six reasons why you may be experiencing an increased sex drive of late: 

1. Your Hormones Are on a Roller-Coaster Ride

The human body is a cocktail of hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. 

And changes in our hormone levels influence our sex drive. 

For instance, women have a high estrogen and testosterone level during the ovulation phase of their menstrual cycle, causing high libido. Now you know why some women feel like pouncing on their partner during their periods – it's all thanks to their hormonal change. 

Similarly, many pregnant women experience high libido due to high progesterone levels in their bodies. 

On the other hand, testosterone is the driving force behind the male mojo. The testosterone level is highest in young men experiencing puberty, but levels can remain high for the next two to three decades.

So, if you or your partner are experiencing more sexual urges, it may be the sex hormone talking!

Note: Due to their naturally declining testosterone level, some men beyond their 60s opt for testosterone therapy to improve their sex drive. 

2. You’re a Fitness Enthusiast

Regular exercise doesn't just benefit your waistline, it can also boost your libido and put your sex drive in high gear. 

Working out can improve your energy levels and pump up feel-good hormones like endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine. 

The result?

It leaves you feeling more relaxed and ready to enjoy an intimate night with your partner.

So, if you’re a gym goer who finds themselves more sexually charged than usual, your fitness regime is likely working its charm. 

And you’re definitely on the right track, as studies indicate that regular exercise can reduce chances of developing erectile dysfunction and improve sexual health. 

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3. You’re in a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Got a partner whose bedroom moves knock your socks off?

Or are you in the “honeymoon phase” of your relationship?

Then it’s no wonder you or your boo is showing more sexual interest. 

Experiencing more sexual urges is natural when both partners are highly attracted to each other. 

After all, sex is like ice cream – hard to resist when you like it too much! 

Also, a healthy partnership allows you to discuss relationship problems and communicate freely. This helps you develop intimacy with your partner and demonstrate sexual behavior unabashedly. 


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4. You’ve Learnt to Manage Your Stress

High stress levels and poor mental health cause your body to release more cortisol, often referred to as the ‘stress hormone’ (read: the enemy of your sex life).

This hormonal imbalance can lead to a low sex drive and affect sexual function.

In fact, stress is a big-time mood killer that can lead to vaginal dryness, low testosterone, lack of sexual arousal, and sexual dysfunction.

So it speaks for itself that when your stress is relieved, your sex drive comes back up. It may even feel unnaturally high if you've come out of a long stressful period.

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5. You’ve Switched Your Meds

According to the Antidepressant-Induced Female Sexual Dysfunction report, nearly 83% of women claim antidepressants negatively impact their sexual arousal. 

So, if you’ve lowered your daily dose of antidepressants, you may notice some positive changes and a renewed interest in sexy shenanigans. (Yay!)

Birth control pills can mess with your sex drive too. 


While some may show an increased interest in sexual activity, others may notice that their sex life has gone downhill since they started taking birth control pills. 

Important: In an attempt to regain normal sex drive, don’t skip any medication or change the dosage without consulting your doctor. 

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6. You Have a Medical Condition

Experiencing high libido and relentless sexual thoughts can often be a symptom of an untreated medical condition, such as:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Dementia
  • Persistent genital arousal disorder
  • Kluver-Bucy syndrome (KBS)
  • Rabies
  • Hypersexuality or compulsive sexual behavior

On the other hand, if you or your partner is showing low sexual desire, then it’s a symptom of hypoactive sexual desire disorder. 

A friendly reminder — consult a sex therapist or mental health professional before jumping to conclusions. 

Our libido can fluctuate due to several factors, but it isn't something to be worried about as long as you can control your urges. 

However, if sexual fantasies are all that keeps playing in your mind, you may be wondering…

Is It Normal for My Sex Drive to Be So High?

There is no legit definition of what counts as a ‘normal sex drive’. 

For some, having sex twice a day can be normal; for someone else, having it twice a week can be normal. To each their own! 

Now picture this — you’re enjoying a lovely dinner with your boo. You may be undressing them mentally even before dinner is finished. However, they may be too tired or sleepy from the day’s work and hence show zero interest in hitting the hay. 

But does that mean your sexual desire is ‘too high’ or ‘abnormal’? 

No way! 

Sometimes, partners may have mismatched libidos, and one may have a higher sex drive than the other. But that’s no reason to get worked up. 

However, if your sex drive is getting in the way of your work or other life priorities and you find it uncontrollable – you may have hypersexuality.

What Is Hypersexuality?

Hypersexuality (or compulsive sexual behavior) is a medical condition where one finds it difficult to control their sexual urges. 

However, not everyone with an increased sex drive has hypersexuality. The World Health Organisation states that you should have experienced a failure to control your sexual interest for six months or more to be diagnosed with this condition. 

An increased sex drive for a temporary period doesn’t make you a compulsive sexual behavior patient. So, don’t lose your sleep over it. 

Note: Sexual abuse during childhood is considered to be a common cause of hypersexuality. Other causes may include abnormal hormonal change or certain medications.  

Can Masturbation Help Someone with a High Sex Drive?

Sometimes, a higher sex drive can cause relationship problems, e.g., when your partner's libido isn’t catching up.

Or if you’re single, you may hesitate to jump into bed with just anybody.

In such cases, what should someone with a high sex drive do?

Take matters into your own hands (literally!).  

Masturbation will give you sexual satisfaction when those urges hit you hard and fast. 

It’s a healthy way of acknowledging your high libido and contrary to what many believe – it doesn’t lead to low testosterone levels. 

And if your high sex drive continues to cause conflict in your relationship, or if you want to bring it down a notch, there are other ways to tackle it.

How to Lower My Sex Drive?

If a higher sex drive is stirring up problems in your life or relationships, you should:

  • Consult a sex therapist who can help assess the sexual problem. 
  • Take up a new hobby or activity that can help distract you from your sexual impulses. 
  • Book an appointment with a mental health professional for the correct diagnosis of your condition.

Create a Safe Space to Enjoy Great Sex

A high or low sex drive or any sexual problem, for that matter, doesn’t have to sound the death knell for your relationship. 

Make it a habit to share every sexual desire, displeasure, concern, and fantasy with your partner frequently. It’ll let you both stay on the same page and develop better intimacy.

And guess what, emotional intimacy is the key to mind-blowing sex. 

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