Coconut Oil for Masturbation: Safe or Unsafe?

Is coconut oil masturbation safe?

You might think “yes” because coconut oil (a natural oil) has always been considered safe! 

But look:

It’s pretty easy to disturb your vajajay’s pH — not the sexual health risk you want to take.

Before the confusion makes you scream, let’s discover if it’s safe to use coconut oil for masturbation. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of coconut oil as lube.

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Is it Safe to Use Coconut Oil for Masturbation?

The answer is YES and NO. 

Here’s why:

You should consider two things before adding coconut oil to your bedroom routine:

1. Allergies

Coconut oil allergies?

Yes, they exist! 

If you’re allergic to coconut oil, your solo sesh may become a painful story (think: rashes and blisters) — well before your happy ending.  

How do you avoid this? 

Do a quick patch test. 

Put a drop of oil onto the skin of your inner arm and wait 48 hours to confirm any reaction. 

Once done, you’ll experience one of these scenarios:

Scenario one: You spot a reaction.

Ditch the coconut oil right now!

There are many lube alternatives for your personal sexy time that don’t involve blisters.

Scenario two: No reaction.

What now?

Do another patch test on other areas of your body — your vulva, anus (or your boo’s penis if he’s joining the party), and wait 24 hours. 

If there’s no reaction even after the 24-hour wait, you can start your solo session right away.

Hot tip: Opt for virgin coconut oil or pure coconut oil to avoid allergic reactions to a great extent.

2. Skin Sensitivity

Coconut oil is a versatile product. 

It’s used for skin and hair care and to treat various health issues

But your vag may react differently to this natural oil. 


This is likely due to your sensitive skin and how easily you get an infection. 

For example, a woman prone to frequent yeast or vaginal infection may experience irritation on using coconut oil in their private areas.

Also, did you know: 

Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties?

It can disrupt the vaginal pH levels or even alter the good bacteria (vaginal flora) — leading to a vaginal infection. (Ugh!)

So ask yourself: 

Are you at a higher risk of infection or have sensitive skin?

If you answered yes, it’s best to try a different lube option.

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The Yays and Nays of Using Coconut Oil for Masturbation

Ready to ride solo, knowing that coconut oil won’t result in ugly blisters on your skin? 

Then let’s discuss the pros and cons of masturbating with this oil:

5 Pros of Coconut Oil for Masturbation

Here’s how coconut oil can make your solo sesh full of oohs and aahs:

1. It’s Alcohol-free

A lube with alcohol can dry out mucosal surfaces, like the ones found in your anus and vagina. 

Why does that matter?

The dryness can cause pain when you insert a sex toy or penis. It can also result in a yeast infection or UTI.

But coconut oil doesn’t have alcohol, making it worthy of a place on your bedside table.

2. It Doesn’t Have Glycerin

Glycerin is a byproduct of sugar. 

But it’s far from sweet for anyone with a vagina.


Glycerin can serve as a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. (Yikes!)

The good news? Coconut oil is glycerine free

3. It’s Free of Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is typically found in antifreeze and preservatives. So it’s safe for you even as a lube ingredient.

But some patients can develop a sensitivity to it. So it’s best to avoid any lube with propylene glycol. 

The easiest solution: Grab a jar of coconut oil!

4. It's Compatible With 100% Silicone Sex Toys

Love your sex toys?

We do too!

A pure silicone sex toy can easily be paired with coconut oil. Just check the packaging to make sure you have a body-safe, non-toxic (medical or food-grade) silicone toy.


That’s because some sex toy manufacturers use low-quality silicone that’s porous and may contain toxic ingredients like PVC, vinyl, or jelly.

Psst…Did you know:

Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lubricant is compatible with your silicone based toys? 

You can use it with pretty much any toy except latex. Woot! 

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5. It’s a Great Moisturizer

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. Period! 

Similar to how it keeps your hair and skin healthy and soft, it can work the same magic on your private areas.

This is great news if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness or sensitivity. Coconut oil can improve your condition so you can maximize pleasure during masturbation!

But remember

Coconut oil is NOT a cure for vaginal dryness experienced during perimenopause or menopause. It can only temporarily help with dryness.


Okay, coconut oil as a lubricant sure has its benefits. 

But what are the downsides? 

3 Cons of Coconut Oil for Masturbation

Some disadvantages of using coconut oil as a lube for solo play are:

1. It Can Mess with Vaginal pH Levels

Your vagina is moderately acidic (3.8-4.5), whereas coconut oil is typically alkaline (7-8). 

What does this mean for you?

Introducing coconut oil to your vagina can disrupt your vagina’s natural pH balance. 

Now that’s a dealbreaker!


If you notice smelly discharge after sexual intercourse or an increased occurrence of yeast infections, say bye-bye to coconut oil lube.

2. It Can Degrade Latex

Unless you’re trying to get pregnant, a condom is your bestie.

The bad news?

Your bestie isn’t compatible with coconut oil. The oil can easily degrade a latex condom, increasing the likelihood of a torn condom during intercourse. 

But, hey! 

To keep your latex condom intact, try a water based or silicone lube. 

Don’t waste your time. Get down to business with Coconu’s Water Based Personal Lubricant

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3. It Can Stain Your Sheets

Like almond oil, baby oil, and olive oil, coconut oil may stain your sheets. 

So you can either sacrifice your beautiful sheets or put a towel down before masturbating. 

Or even better, opt for a water based lube so you can stop thinking about laundry while trying to please yourself.

Ready to use coconut oil for solo sex?

Keep reading. 

How Can I Use Coconut Oil for Masturbating?

Unlike standard lubricant products, using coconut oil lubricant has some basic rules.

For example, you should always opt for virgin coconut oil or unrefined coconut oil because it’s the best quality. Only the best for your private bits. 

To apply coconut oil lube:

  • Scoop out a dollop of coconut oil in your palms.
  • Notice how the coconut oil melts? That’s your cue to apply it to your private parts or sex toys. 

Hot Tip: If you’re using solid coconut oil, warm it up between your hands before applying.

But what about the stickiness and mess coconut oil makes?

We’ve just the solution for you!

Say hello to the Coconu Oil Based Personal Lube

Grab this all-natural, coconut oil based lube (coconut lube) for a deeply satisfying solo session. It also is compatible with your favorite silicone toy.

This lube also:

  • Creates less of a mess
  • Absorbs nicely into the body so no messy sheets
  • Doesn’t alter your vagina’s pH (Hello, good sexual health!)
  • 100% cruelty-free

You can even use the oil based lubricant as a massage oil when your partner is in town!

Coconut Oil Lube for Solo Fun: Oh Yeah or Oh No?

You can use coconut oil for masturbation if you aren’t allergic or sensitive to it.

However, it has its downsides — from messing up your vag’s natural pH to staining your sheets. 

Instead, why not use the best coconut oil based lube?

Try Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lube. It’s perfect for a wet and ah-mazing time in bed — be it a solo sesh or partnered sex!