Can You Use Coconut Oil as Lube for Guys?

Coconut oil helps your skin, hair, and is a fantastic oil for cooking. We know that many women even enjoy using this oil as a natural sex lube. 

But can you use coconut oil as lube for guys? 

We answer that question and reveal how to use it for sexual play. We also explore the pros and cons of using coconut oil as lube and some great alternatives

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Can You Use Coconut Oil as Lube for Guys? 

Short answer: It depends. 

Coconut oil is generally safe as a natural lube for sexual play for men, as long as you’re not using it with a latex condom or silicone sex toys. 


The oil can degrade latex condoms and sex toys, leaving you open for pregnancy scares and STIs. (Yikes!

The good news is that you can safely use coconut oil as a sex lube with a polyurethane condom. 

Just make sure you’re using virgin, unrefined, pure coconut oil to avoid irritating additives which are present in refined coconut oil.  

Let’s look at how you can safely use coconut oil as lube

5 Incredible Ways Guys Can Use Coconut Oil as Lube 

Here’s how you can use virgin coconut oil for different types of sexual play: 

1. Masturbation

When it comes to masturbation, you can use coconut oil the same way you would use any lube. 


Gents, scoop a dollop of oil onto your hand and rub it along your penis till it’s a liquid. Once it fully covers your member, masturbate as you normally would. 

Ladies, apply a small amount near your vagina and vulva and simply go to town. Feel free to use your favorite non-latex, glass, or metal sex toy for added pleasure. 

(Psst… You may never masturbate without coconut oil once you see how orgasmic this experience is!) 

2. Condoms and Toys

Sadly, virgin coconut oil can’t be used with a latex condom.

But the good news is that it pairs perfectly well with a silicone sex toy — just make sure the toy is actually made with silicone and not PVC, vinyl, jelly, or other toxic materials.

You can safely use this oil with glass or metal sex toys. Plus, polyurethane condoms can provide protection even with coconut oil. 

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3. Oral Sex 

You can use coconut oil for cooking, and if it’s safe to eat, it’s completely safe for oral sex. 

We recommend using food-grade coconut oil, as it’s safe and edible. (Yum!

But ensure you already like the taste of coconut oil before going to town with your partner.

4. Anal Sex 

Lube is a must for any kind of anal play or anal sex. 


Because your anus doesn’t have any natural lubrication. Penetration without lube can cause tears and bleeding. (Ouch!)

But(t) coconut oil has a thick consistency that acts perfectly as an anal lube – with or without a partner. 

So take your polyurethane condom (if with a partner) or apply it directly on your toy or fingers for some out-of-this-world pleasure. 

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5. Vaginal Sex 

Coconut oil can be a great lube alternative for men (and women) with delicate or sensitive skin. 

It can help make things slippery down there, allowing you to get it on until you’re ready to stop. 

For ladies, penetrative vaginal sex can be tough – especially during menopause due to vaginal dryness, itchiness, and irritation. 

Pure coconut oil also makes for a good moisturizer and can help alleviate vaginal dryness so you can have pleasurable sex for hours. (Get it, girl!

It will also moisturize the vagina, making it less susceptible to a vaginal infection. 

Let’s now explore some ways using coconut oil as lube can help you – and not. 

Pros and Cons of Using Coconut Oil as Lube 

Let’s look at both sides of the coin and decide whether you should use coconut oil as lube: 

3 Awesome Pros 

Here are some reasons why you might want to choose coconut oil as your natural lube option: 

1. It Doesn’t Contain Alcohol

Unprocessed, pure coconut oil is especially safe to use as lube as it doesn’t contain any drying alcohol. 

Why does that matter? 

When present, these alcohols can cause a penis or vaginal infection. (Ow!

2. It’s Moisturizing

Coconut oil is often used on the skin and hair due to its moisturizing properties. 

It can soften the skin around the vagina and anus making sex more pleasurable. 

Pro tip: 

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to coconut oil and use the mixture as an intimate massage oil! 


3. It Doesn’t Contain Glycerin or Propylene Glycol

Glycerin can create a hotbed for bacteria and yeast. Whether you have a penis or a vagina, you know that only spells out bad news. 

Similarly, propylene glycol is used as a preservative, and you could develop a sensitivity to it. 

But coconut oil is free from both of these! 

3 Must-Know Cons 

While it’s a fantastic ingredient, coconut oil does have some drawbacks: 

1. It Degrades Latex Condoms

Coconut oil can degrade a latex condom, leaving you at risk for STIs and pregnancy. 

If you still want to use coconut oil with protection, pick a polyurethane condom. 

2. It Can Alter Vaginal pH Levels

If vaginal and yeast infections are a recurring theme in your or your partner’s life, stay away from coconut oil. 


This oil can alter the vagina’s delicate pH balance and may cause such infections. 

3. It Can Cause Allergic Reactions 

The sad truth is that a certain amount of the population is allergic to coconut. 

And you may be one of them. 

That’s why we suggest doing a patch test before using it for sexual play. 

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4 Alternatives to Coconut Oil as Sex Lube  

There are three main types of lubes you can use instead of coconut oil – not counting other natural alternatives. 

Some commercial lubes may contain coconut oil, but here’s the thing: 

They’re way safer for your body than using regular virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil based lubes (or other store-bought varieties): 

  • Contain other ingredients
  • Will not alter your vagina’s pH level
  • Less likely to cause allergic reactions 

So you can enjoy sex stress-free.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Oil Based Lube 

Oil-based lubes have a thick consistency as they contain multiple oils to create a rich, long-lasting lube for both men and women.

A) Coconu Oil Based Lubricant 

The Coconu Oil Based Lubricant is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to incorporate coconut oil in the bedroom with a few more awesome ingredients. 

This lube contains USDA-certified organic coconut oil with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and beeswax. 

Apply generously on your polyurethane condom, fingers, or penis to keep the good times going on and on and on…

B) Coconu Hemp-Infused Body Oil 

If you’re looking for a lubricant that doubles as a massage oil, you’ve found your holy grail! 

The Coconu Hemp-Infused Body Oil features both USDA-certified organic coconut oil and broad-spectrum hemp extract to create a luxurious sensual experience. 

Apply some to your hands and give your partner a sensual massage that can lead to more – and then use the same product as lube.  

2. Water Based Lubricant  

A water-based sexual lubricant is perfect if you want to have sex while using a latex condom or a silicone sex toy. 

These lubes glide easily, mimic the body’s natural lubrication, and are easy to wash off.  

A) Coconu Water-Based Personal Lubricant 

The Coconu Water-Based Personal Lubricant features a coconut water base with natural ingredients such as Guar gum. 

Silky and sensuous, this organic sexual lubricant is perfect for sensitive skin

3. Silicone Lubricant  

A silicone lubricant combines the best of both oil and water-based lubes! 

Silicone lube is safe to be used with latex condoms, diaphragms, and non-silicone sex toys (like plastic, ceramic, aluminum, steel, and more.)

It can also be an awesome companion for steamy shower sex sessions

4. Natural Alternatives  

Here are some natural alternatives to store-bought lubes you can use when in a pinch: 

  • Almond Oil: You can safely use almond oil as a lube alternative for vaginal or anal play. But make sure to use a polyurethane condom instead of a latex one. 
  • Aloe Vera Gel: If you’re looking for an alternative to a water based lubricant, your search ends with aloe vera gel! It’s safe to use with a latex condom and a silicone toy.
  • Grapeseed Oil: Similar to almond oil, you can use grapeseed oil safely as a vaginal or anal lube.

    Prone to yeast infections? Then best stay away as the oil can exacerbate the infection.  
  • Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil is a fantastic lube alternative, especially if there’s friction during sex for men and vaginal dryness for women. This thick oil also works well as a massage oil.  
  • Vitamin E Oil: Like most oil-based lubes, vitamin E oil will break down a latex condom and diaphragms. But it’s safe when used with a polyurethane condom. 

There are certain ingredients that you should never use as lube, such as:

Lube It Up!  

Coconut oil can be a fantastic lube alternative for masturbation, but be careful when using it with latex condoms. 

If you’re with a trusted partner and not allergic, then go for it! 

This moisturizing oil will also help soften your skin and alleviate vaginal dryness. Or add some essential oil to give your S.O. a sexy massage. 

Wondering where to begin your coconut oil sex lube journey? 

Try the Coconu Oil-Based Singles (14 Pack) and watch as you slowly but surely fall in love with this product.