What Is Warming Lube And Do You Need One For Better Sex?

Looking for the best warming lube?

Some people love using warming lubes to stimulate the body's neuroreceptors for heat and cold to enhance arousal.

No matter what the weather is like outside, temperature play can be a spontaneous and fun option to initiate heated activity within the sheets.

In this post, I’ll explain how warming lubes work and give you the top 5 warming lubricants to try out for your next session. 

Here’s What I’ll Cover:

What Is Warming Lube?

Warming lubricants have ingredients like glycerol and glycerin that create a gentle warming and tingling sensation to your vaginal or anal skin.

Some people contend that such warming sensations enhance arousal and make orgasms feel more intense. For others, temperature play can be that frisky touch needed to amplify intimacy.

While most warming lubes are water-based, there are some made with a silicone base or oil-based. Water based lubricants are the best, as they are made with ingredients that don’t usually cause allergic reactions or any yeast infection. Moreover, they are easier to clean and compatible with all types of condoms and sex toys.

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Silicone lube can be long-lasting, but it cannot be used for a silicone sex toy. It is also more difficult to clean.

Oil based lube is not compatible with condoms or adult toys, and it can stain your best sheets. However, it is great as a massage oil.


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Personal lubricants are the best accessories for sex.

Right after strawberries and cream, wouldn’t you agree?

A lubricant can ease the friction during penetrative sex and also reduce vaginal dryness. Even if you and your partner have sufficient natural lubrication, a good lube can enhance your sex life.

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But if you want to indulge in temperature play during sex, warming lubes can be a great option to start.

5 Best Warming Lubricants To Try

Try these 5 lubricants with a warming effect to bring back the heat into your bedroom (even when playing solo):


1. K-Y Warming Jelly Lubricant

 ky warming gel lube

K-Y Warming Jelly has a non-greasy gel formula that improves glide and increases blood flow. It can be easily washed off, making it effective for intimate body massages.

The lube gives a gentle warming sensation on contact with your skin. While it is thicker than other water-based lubricants, the thickness ensures the lube stays where you want it and doesn’t slide off!

Lubricant type: Water-based
Condom safe: Yes (Only latex condoms)

wicked sensual care wicked ultra heat silicone lubricant

2. Wicked Sensual Care Wicked Ultra Heat Silicone Lubricant

Ultra Heat by Wicked Sensual Care is a glycerin-free warming lubricant with natural extracts of cinnamon oil, sweet neroli orange oil, and vanilla bean extract to create a stimulating sensation.

The sleek formula is long-lasting without being heavy or greasy. It is also fragrance-free, vegan and paraben-free.

Wicked also has cooling lubes under the brand name Ultra Chill.

Lubricant type: Silicone-based
Condom safe: Yes

wet warming desserts


3. Wet Warming Desserts Lubricants

If you are scouting for a warming lubricant that will also satisfy your sweet tooth, then Wet Warming Desserts is the right choice.

This sugar-free lubricant heats upon contact with your skin and gently turns warm with motion. It is a flavored lube with no bitter aftertaste and washes away easily with water.

Choose from the delectable flavors of Slow Baked Hazelnut Soufflè, Fresh Delicious Donuts, Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie, Warm Homemade Cinnamon Roll, and Oven Baked Apple Pie À La Mode.

Lubricant type: Water based
Condom safe: Yes

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4. JO H2O Warming Lubricant

jo h20 warming lubricant

JO H2O Warming is made with plant-based glycerin to provide a silky smooth and comforting glide. This no stick, no residue formula is fragrance-free, adult toy friendly and easy to clean.

Lubricant type: Water-based
Condom safe: Yes

astroglide warming liquid lube


5. Astroglide Warming Liquid

Astroglide Warming Liquid is made with an invigorating formula that can add the right mix of stimulation and lubrication to your sexual activity.

This warming lubricant has propylene glycol and glycerin that reduces friction to provide a silky smooth sensation.

Lubricant type: Water-based
Condom safe: Yes

What Are The Disadvantages Of Warming Lubes?

While some people find the warm sensation of a warming lube cozy, others find them plain uncomfortable.

Most warming lubes contain glycerin - a metabolic byproduct of sugar - which tends to cause yeast infections and vaginal irritation.

Glycerin can also increase the possibility of transmission of genital herpes.

Another active ingredient that is commonly found in warming lubes is propylene glycol, which can cause vaginal irritation if you are sensitive to the product.

Why use a lubricant if it can damage your vaginal skin and cause discomfort?

Remember to check the ingredients list if you are eager to get your hands on a heating lubricant.

It is essential to ensure that your personal lubricant doesn’t have glycerin, parabens, or petrochemicals.

The body is sensitive to what we put in it. So, stick to lubes that have a small and simple ingredient list with natural elements and where you are familiar with each of the ingredients.

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More importantly?

You should never use a lubricant that has expired.

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Should You Use A Warming Lube?

You really don’t need to invest in a warming lube if all you want is a gentle warming sensation from your lubricant.

Here’s what you can do instead.

Use these 2 simple methods to warm up your favorite, organic lube:

  1. Squeeze some lubricant into your palm and close your hand. The product will get warm into a more pleasurable temp with your body heat.
  1. Fill a glass with lukewarm water and set your unopened bottle of lubricant in the glass. Let the product sit in the warm water for 10 to 15 minutes before you apply.

Be sure to check the temperature by applying one or two drops on your hand before using it on your genitals.

I would also recommend that you steer clear from desensitizing lubes. It is highly overrated. If you are curious to find more on this topic, then read my post on Is Numbing Lube Safe For Anal Sex? What Is The Alternative?

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Ready to up the ante on pleasure?

Then try Coconu personal lubricants.

Add A Bit Of Heat With Coconu

Coconu has two varieties of personal lubricants - one made with organic coconut water and another with a hydrating coconut oil base.

Before use, you can warm up Coconu's lube with your body temperature to get a similar enhanced arousal as a warming lube. You can even use it on nipples and other erogenous zones for erotic stimulation during foreplay.

The good part?

You don’t have to worry about chemicals or yeast infections.

Both these high-quality natural lubes are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and 100% edible. They are free from genetically modified organisms, alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, phylates, fragrances, and dyes.

Coconu's lubes mimic your body's natural lubrication so that you can enjoy sexual intimacy with abandonment. 

Even better?

You can use Coconu lubes with your sex toys and as a vaginal lubricant.

When using a latex condom and other sex barriers like dental dams, opt for Coconu coconut water-based lubricant.

This hypoallergenic coconut water-based lubricant is vegan and lightweight. It works well to moisturize the sensitive skin around the anus and vagina while stimulating you during your most intimate moments. It works well for vaginal dryness too!

Since this lubricant is made with coconut water, you don’t have to worry about stains on your best sheets or any sticky residue in your anal or vaginal region.

Opt for Coconu coconut oil-based lube when you have coconut on your mind! This sexual lube is body-safe and can be used without worry of infections in and around the sensitive skin of your vagina and anus.

Made from a blend of natural oils, including sunflower and almond oil and other natural and edible ingredients like beeswax and cocoa butter, this is one of the only USDA Certified Organic lubricants on the market.

This natural lubricant also works great as anal lube.

If you want to know the pros and cons of opting for coconut oil as an anal lube, check out this article on Can You Use Coconut Oil as Anal Lube? (Pros, Cons & an Alternative).

Coconu’s coconut oil-based formula is designed to protect and moisturize sensitive skin. It is also non-greasy, making it an excellent option for foreplay.

What’s more?

Although it’s not compatible with a latex condom, Coconu oil lube does work with polyurethane condoms.

With Coconu, you can enjoy the benefits of a personal lubricant, without worrying about any unwanted effects.

Why not order your Coconu personal lubricant and give it a try today?