Is Numbing Lube Safe For Anal Sex? What Is The Alternative?

Are you looking for anal numbing lube?

When indulging in anal play, reaching for a numbing lube seems like a good bet. A lube that desensitizes the anus can potentially ease the discomfort and pain associated with anal sex.

However, is it safe for your sensitive anal region?

Is a numbing anal lube safe for your partner?

And is there a better alternative?

In this post, I’ll give you all the answers.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

What Is Numbing Lube?

Numbing lube is a water based lubricant that uses mild topical anesthetics to desensitize the region where it is applied.

The most common desensitizers used in the numbing lubricant are benzocaine or lidocaine. When these special additives get absorbed in the skin, it numbs the entrance of the anus to decrease sensitivity and allow pain-free anal penetration.

Lidocaine and benzocaine work almost like a local anesthetic - something your dentist also uses when you go for a root canal.

Some common numbing lubes available in the market include Power Glide’s Anal Numbing Personal Lubricant, and Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube.

Since most numbing lubes are water based lube, you can use them with a condom and any sex toy or anal toy, including the silicone toy or butt plug.

What are the other types of lubricants?

Apart from water based lube, there is silicone lubricant, oil based lubricant, hybrid lubricant, and even flavored lube that can also be used as an anal lubricant.

So, don’t rush off to buy an anal numbing lube just yet!

A numbing lubricant is not a magical pill.

While the numbing effect of the numbing lubricant may reduce pain, to a certain degree, it will not bestow you with extraordinary powers to have great anal sex.

Sex is mostly about communication. If you really want to explore new erotic possibilities with your partner, you need to talk and understand each other. You need to discuss and plan what else can be done to make anal intercourse a success for both players.

However, there may be times when you need a numbing lube.

Let’s find out when.

Why You May Need A Numbing Lube?

Anal play needs a lot of lubrication.

Why is that?

Simple: Lubrication allows for easy penetration during intercourse by reducing friction and irritation.

However, unlike the vagina, the anus does not self lubricate when aroused.

The anal region has sensitive skin, similar to the vagina. Moreover, the tissue inside the anus is thinner and more likely to tear or bleed during penetration.

Hence, the need to keep a good tube of lube (store-bought or homemade) handy when engaging in anal massage or fisting (especially if this is your first time with anal play.)

Numbing lube is a good option if you want to quickly ease into anal play as the gel starts to work within 10-15 minutes of application.

But remember:

If you want your sexual experience with this highly erogenous area to be more stimulating, pleasurable, and deeply satisfying, there are better options than numbing lubes.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Numbing Lubes?

With your anal region numbed, you may not feel any pain or intense sensations until the gel has worn off. 

Since pain is an indicator of potential long term injury, you need to be cautious of hard manual stimulation when using desensitizing lubes.

The lidocaine gel and benzocaine used in numbing lubes may sometimes cause tingling, irritation, itching, or burning sensations.

You should also be careful of numbing lubes with glycerin or sugar - this can increase the chances of allergies and yeast infections. Glycerin may also increase the possibility of transmission of genital herpes.

Another word of caution:

If you have applied a numbing lube to the anal region and it gets transferred to your partner’s penis or mouth, it can numb those regions as well.

Not a great idea, if oral sex was part of the play!

Should You Use A Numbing Lube?

Short answer: No.

For great anal sex, what you need is proper lubrication, lots of practice, and communication between partners (yes, dirty talk works wonders!).

Whether indulging in vaginal sex, finger play, anal massage, or a game with an anal toy like the butt plug, the numbing effect of a desensitizing lube is unnecessary.

A flavored lube, on the other hand, could be a game-changer. Even a basic silicone lubricant could take your sex experience up a notch.

There are tons of lubricants in the market that are made of organic and natural ingredients, specifically designed to be safe and reliable for your sensitive anal tissues.

An anal lube can also be a hybrid lube that combines water and silicone bases to make a perfectly thick, smooth, and long-lasting lube. A hybrid lubricant with silicone also works well for fisting.

A hybrid lube is also a multifunctional lubricant - it can be used for vaginal sex as well as to treat vaginal dryness and vaginismus.

The pure silicone lube can also double up as anal lube. But, there are many other choices than just the silicone based lube for anal sex.

If you want some great options for anal lubricants, check out my post on The 5 Best Anal Lubes for 2020 (With Features & Pricing).

So, is this the end of the story for the numbing lube?

Not really!

A numbing lube could work well for men suffering from premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is where a man ejaculates too quickly during penetrative sexual intercourse.

There are several numbing lubricants in the market designed to make your man last longer by slightly desensitizing the penis. These numbing lubes are rubbed on the tip of the penis as well as the shaft.

When the penis is numbed, it blocks the signal sent by the penis to the brain and spinal cord when stimulated. The result is that this signal blocking delays the time taken by a man to reach orgasm.

What’s Your Lube For Anal Sex?

You already know that a safe and reliable lubricant is a must-have when engaging in erotic pleasures.

It is even better if your lubricant is made from organic and natural ingredients.

A bigger plus?

If it has been tested for compatibility with sex barriers and adult toys, it doesn’t give you vaginal infections and can be used straight from the tube.

Which lube can do it all?

Coconu personal lubricants.

Coconu personal lubricant comes in two varieties - one using coconut water, and the other made from a hydrating coconut oil base.

Both are great alternatives to numbing lubes for anal penetration.

When using a condom and other sex barriers, opt for Coconu coconut water-based lubricant during your anal play.

This hypoallergenic coconut water-based lubricant is vegan and long-lasting - ideal for long steamy sessions!

Its lightweight feel will moisturize the sensitive skin around the anus while stimulating you during your most intimate moments. It works well for vaginal dryness too!

Since this lubricant is made with coconut water, you don’t have to worry about stains on your best sheets or any sticky residue in your anal or vaginal region.

If you are looking for an anal lubricant that can double up as the perfect massage oil, go for Coconu coconut oil-based lube.

The oil based lubricant formula is USDA-certified organic and made with fully edible and natural ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Natural ingredients ensure you’ll never face yeast infections or allergic reactions from this oil based lube.

The coconut oil-based formula is designed to protect and moisturize sensitive skin like anal and vaginal tissues. It is also non-greasy, making it a great option for foreplay.

What’s more?

Although it’s not compatible with a latex condom, it does work with polyurethane condoms.

Even better?

Coconu’s lubricants automatically stimulate your body’s natural lubrication, so you get to enjoy anal intercourse or anal masturbation with abandon.

You can even use the Coconu lube with your sex toy and silicone toy. For instance, the silicone vibrator or a dildo can be used as a massager with the Coconu lubes to heighten the sensations. You cannot use silicone lube with a silicone based sex toy.

Both these high-quality natural lubes are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and 100% edible. They are free from genetically modified organisms, alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, phylates, fragrances, and dyes.

Ready to pursue your wildest anal fantasies - worry-free?

Go forth and conquer!