How to Prepare for Anal Sex: 10 Tips for Orgasmic Pleasure

If anal sex sounds intimidating, we get it. 

Misinformation and stories of first-time fumbles exist, so feeling nervous is totally okay.

But when it comes to butt sex, preparation is key to ensuring comfort, safety, and pleasure (lots of it!).

Whether you're a curious newbie or looking to level up your anal game, follow our 10 handy tips to set the stage. You’ll also learn must-know info before sliding in

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Use these tips to help you prepare for a safe and fun rump romp:

1. Keep it Clean Down There 

Practicing good anal hygiene can increase your confidence, enhance enjoyment, and lessen cleanup concerns.

Anal cleansing involves gently cleaning the area with warm water and a soft washcloth or showering. 

Do you prefer an extra level of cleanliness in anal hygiene?

Try an:

  • Anal douche: Anal douching involves squirting water or saline solution into the rectum with an enema bulb or syringe. Hold it in for a moment, then release it with a gentle push. 
  • Enema: For deeper anal cleansing, try an enema. It involves introducing a larger volume of liquid, usually water, into the rectum and lower colon to stimulate bowel movement.  

2. Decide What Kind of Butt Play You Want to Try 

Most people think anal sex means penetration. 

But look:

The opening of the anal canal holds a collection of sensitive nerve endings, making it an incredibly erogenous zone. (You know, those super-sensitive spots that get you hot and heavy.)

External anal stimulation taps into those sensitive spots, leading to arousal and pleasure. 

So if you aren’t in the mood for penetration, no biggie. Plan for anilingus, penis-to-butt grinding, or anal vibrators. 


3. Get Tested for STIs 

Did you know that anal sex carries a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections compared to other types of sexual activity?

Think gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and syphilis (to name a few).

Here’s the thing: 

Our anus has a delicate lining that is more prone to tears and abrasions, making it vulnerable to infections.

So unprotected anal sex — penetrative, rimming (analingus), or fingering — can cause STIs. 

Bottom line?

Ensure you and your partner(s) are STI-negative and practice safe sex for a fulfilling sex life.

This brings us to….   

4. Stock Up on Condoms/Dental Dams  

Properly using a condom or dental dam reduces the risk of STIs. 

It also safeguards against infections transmitted through feces (let’s be real: contact with poop is possible). 

Hot Tip:

If you’re using latex condoms, avoid oil-based lubes. It can degrade the latex and lead to condom breakages. 

5. Grab the Lube

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't naturally lubricate when aroused. 

Without sufficient lubrication, anal sex could lead to painful anal fissures (ouch!).  

Not only are these tears uncomfortable, but they also increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

So you need lube and lots of it!


Looking for the perfect lube to elevate anal sex?

Here are our hot favorites:

A. Coconu’s Water-Based Personal Lubricant 

Made from 100% natural ingredients, the Coconu Water Based Lubricant is like a spa day for your delicate bits. 

This lube plays well with sex toys, including silicone sex toys (score!), and is easy to clean up post sexual activity.   

B. Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lubricant 

Coconu’s Oil Based Lubricant offers a long-lasting formula for deeply satisfying anal play. Unlike a water-based lube, this lubricant can last as long as you do. 

Its super slick formula also ensures a smooth experience without any stickiness.  

The best part?

The lube absorbs directly into your skin, leaving no stains on your sheets. It’s also compatible with non latex condoms and sex toys, including anal beads and vibrators.  

6. Have a Towel Ready

A towel or dedicated sex blanket saves your sheets from stains (think bodily fluids, excess lube, or even poop). It also makes for easy cleanup post-sexy time.   

Our recommendation?

The Coconu Play Towel

Use this microfiber towel to guard against spills and messes, or keep it at hand for a quick clean-up. 

7. Engage in Solo Anal Play

Masturbation helps reveal your likes (and dislikes) and unlock your orgasmic potential. 

Trying anal stimulation alone is a good idea because it lets you be the giver and the receiver, which comes in handy when you add another person to the equation.

Remember: Before using an anal toy for your solo sesh, make sure it has a flared base. 

Unlike the vagina, the anal canal doesn’t have a stopping point. So a sex toy without a flared base can get lost inside your rectum. Be careful! 

8. Try Anal Training 

Think of it like training for a marathon. 

But this time, you're prepping your butt for orgasmic anal sex. 

Anal training can help prepare your anal muscle for penetration. 


Use an anal toy (anal dilators, anal beads, a butt plug, etc.) and gradually increase its size over time. This strengthens the skin and teaches your muscles to relax for anal penetration. 

9. Talk to Your Partner 

Preparing for butt stuff involves more than just physical prep. 

It requires open and honest communication with your partner to ensure a safe, consensual experience.  

Talking about anal penetration can feel awkward if this is your first time, but fret not! 

Follow these tips to get the conversation flowing:

  • Nobody wants to discuss intimacy after a long workday. Choose a time when you and your lover are relaxed and find a comfortable spot to discuss intimate desires.

  • Ease into it by expressing what you wish to achieve and assure your partner that their feelings matter.

  • Once you’ve had the floor, allow your partner time to process what was said. Then, listen to them without interrupting or dismissing them.  

Wondering what you should talk about?

Here are some topics to kick things off:

  • Discuss condom use. (We know it may not be the most romantic topic, but it's crucial — especially with new partners.)

  • Confirm roles (top, bottom, or fluid) and explore each other's comfort zones and boundaries.

  • Talk about the use of lubrication and proper hygiene.

  • Discuss using a safe word or signal for pausing or stopping anal intercourse.   

This upfront dialogue sets the stage for a comfortable anal sex experience and promotes good sexual health. 

10. Indulge in Foreplay 

Rather than diving right into anal penetration, allow your partner to gently lead you (and your anal muscle) into a state of relaxation and arousal. 

Use hands, mouth, and sex toys to set the mood, exploring other sensitive zones before getting hot and heavy.

Not sure where to start?

Try an intimate massage to get your partner weak in the knees. 

Focus on the lower back, thighs, and butt cheeks to build anticipation as you get closer to the anus.

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Things You Should Know About Anal Sex Before You Try 

  • Skip the Numbing Cream/Lube: The sensitive nerve endings in your anal and rectum signal pain or discomfort, and numbing lubes or creams can mask these signals, potentially causing unintended injuries.

  • Eat Plenty of Fiber: Consuming food with a high fiber content promotes better bowel movements and reduces the chances of fecal matter remaining in the rectum.

  • Start Slow and Steady: Rushing into anal sex can result in potential injuries, such as tearing your partner's anal sphincter muscle.  
  • Avoid Going From Anal Sex to Oral/Vaginal Sex: Never transition from anal play to vaginal sex or oral without proper cleanup. This ensures good hygiene and prevents the risk of unwanted infections. 
  • Try Beginner-Friendly Butt Sex Positions: Being on top can be a good option for beginners because you can control the depth and pace of penetration.  
  • Clean up (If Necessary): Your rectum works alongside the anal sphincter to keep poop in. So anal sex doesn’t always go down without a hitch or some fecal matter.  
  • Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Injury: Even after proper preparation, injuries can still happen. See a doctor if you’re experiencing bleeding, throbbing pain, and anal fissures within a few days of anal sex.

Ready, Set, Anal! 

Now that you know how to prepare for anal, it’s time to take the plunge.

Focus on cleanliness, safety, and ample lubrication to unlock a world of unforgettable sensations.

Confused about which lube to use for anal sex? 

Grab the Coconu Combo Pack! It includes both our oil-based and water-based lubricants, helping you decide which lube works best for your anal adventures.