Growing Closer: 31 Intimate Pillow Talk Questions for Couples

Every couple wants two things: Toe-curling sex and deep emotional intimacy.

The quickest way to achieve this and add that zing to your relationship (or marriage) is with pillow talk.

Pillow talk is an intimate conversation (with moments of small talk) between two people in bed while cuddling or lying beside each other.

Not sure where to start?

We have 31 pillow talk questions that’ll work excellently as conversation starters and encourage a healthy relationship.

Just crawl into bed and get ready to have a deep conversation with each other.

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31 Pillow Talk Questions To Add To Your Arsenal

Pillow talk is a lovely way for couples to end a fantastic date night and indulge in a deep conversation before drifting to sleep.

And the best way to get your pillow talk going?

Ask personal questions.

People are usually at their most comfortable and open when they’re in bed with their S.O., so your questions can range from thought-provoking to sexual topics.

And no, they don’t have to be awkward questions.

We’ve curated a selection of 31 conversation starters and questions to file away for your next pillow talk session:

10 Insightful Pillow Talk Questions

These deep conversation starters will push you and your partner to put your thinking caps on and get deep with each other. 

(Psst: you can even prep your answers ahead of time!)

  1. If your house was on fire and you could only rescue one item, what would you choose? (When they give their answer, ask them why)

  2. What city or country is at the top of your bucket list to visit?

  3. What’s something new you learned today?

  4. If your life were a movie, what title would you give it?

  5. What was one thing that made you laugh out loud today?

  6. If you could be any superhero, who would you choose and why?

  7. If you had only one day left on Earth, how would you choose to spend it?

  8. What was the hardest thing you accomplished today?

  9. If you could instantly learn a foreign language, which language would you pick and why?

  10. What are you grateful for today?

10 Romantic Pillow Talk Questions

Ready to unlock a world of intimacy with your partner? 

These captivating questions can light up the spark of romance and strengthen your bond like never before.

  1. What did you first think when you met me? 

  2. If you could only use one word to describe our relationship, what would it be?

  3. What’s your favorite thing about our relationship?

  4. What’s one thing you want to do together that we’ve never done before?

  5. What’s your favorite non-physical quality about me?

  6. How do you like to receive affection?

  7. What’s your idea of a romantic date night?

  8. What’s your favorite memory of something we’ve done together? It could be something exciting or fun.

  9. What’s one thing that sets us apart that you really like?

  10. What’s one thing we have in common that you love?

11 Naughty Pillow Talk Questions

Who doesn’t like a sexy question or two?

Try one of these on for size during your next conversation.

  1. What do my lips taste like?

  2. Do you think about me when you’re alone? What do you think about exactly?

  3. What’s your favorite thing about my body?

  4. Have you ever tried using a sex toy with lube?

  5. Is there a new sex position you’re excited to try?

  6. Would you rather have romantic or rough sex?

  7. What about me turns you on the most?

  8. I think sex lube is a great way to spice things up. You game?

  9. Would you be up to trying some kinky role play?

  10. Have you ever had public sex? Would you do it with me? Where would you like to do it?

  11. Besides the bed, where else do you want to have sex in the house?  



The goal of these sexual questions isn’t to lead to sex. But they may (especially if you’re partaking in the naughty trivia questions game).

If things get hot and heavy, grab some personal lube nearby for an even more stimulating experience.

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Hot Tip:
Turn your saucy Q&A into the perfect game by using the dirty questions as sexy challenges.

Introduce sexy prizes (think: sensual massage, oral play, and more) when a question is answered. You and your partner can claim them later.

No one said you couldn’t make a sexy game out of pillow talk!

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Now that you know some pillow talk questions for an interesting conversation, let’s explore why this exercise is essential.

Why Have Pillow Talk?

Here are some reasons why pillow talking is vital for your relationship or marriage:

  • Great sex life: Good sex will become great sex — as intimate conversations can boost libido and performance. These questions can also help you understand what your partner likes better in the bedroom and vice versa. Score!

  • Improved communication: Asking personal questions and using deep conversation starters with your lover improves your communication skills, particularly in a relationship.

  • Greater relationship satisfaction: If you practice regular small talk, you’ll likely experience higher relationship satisfaction.

  • Increased emotional and physical intimacy: A couple who engage in pillow talk will enjoy a stronger connection and increased sexual intimacy.

  • Fall deeper in love: Once you get the hang of pillow talking regularly and sharing your feelings, it’s easy to fall even more deeply into love with your S.O.
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Worried about how to approach awkward questions?

We’ve got you covered.

5 Sexy Tips on How to Pillow Talk

If you’re getting started with pillow talk for the first time, it can feel awkward and daunting.

After all, you’re opening up and sharing your thoughts and feelings.

But, with these handy tips, you’ll be able to sail through the first round of conversation topics with no problems:

1. Keep Conversation Easy-Going

Stick to conversation topics that are insightful, fun, and/or sexy.

Keep topics that are sensitive or complex for discussion (like major life decisions, finances, work problems, etc.) outside the bedroom. These topics can be stressful and make for a tough night's sleep.

2. Pay Attention

Pillow talking is a great way to be heard. So, listen attentively to what your partner says — it’s a proven way to show your love and gratitude to them.

Plus, it’s bound to be reciprocated when it’s your turn to talk.

3. Show Physical Affection

A large part of pillow talk is physical touch.

Show your partner how much you care with hugs, cuddles, and kisses. It’ll also help you and your S.O. relax and get comfortable.

4. Ditch The Electronic Devices

As a couple, decide to switch your electronic devices off or put them out of reach to avoid distractions (yes, we’re talking about social media) during pillow talk.

You and your partner should be tuned into each other and nothing else.

5. Play A Pillow Talk Trivia Game

Do you both enjoy some healthy competition? 

Then this awesome adult trivia game will be right up your alley.

Download our pillow talk questions and let the fun begin! 

Take turns asking each other the trivia questions, and jot down your answers on paper without revealing them to your partner. 

After answering as yourselves, switch roles and answer the same trivia questions as your significant other would.

Then, you can compare answers and see how well you know each other. 

The most important rule of the game? 

Embrace the laughter and surprises that arise from discovering your partner's perspective.

The best part?

You can add a twist to the trivia game with a sexy surprise for participants and even sexy prizes and intimate rewards — it’s the perfect game for dating or married couples to spruce up their sex life.

You know what makes a great gift idea? 

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Ready To Be A Sweet Talker?

Pillow talking is a meaningful way to foster emotional intimacy and connect with your lover.

The first intimate conversation may be the hardest, but we promise it gets better. The more you talk, the easier it becomes to share (especially sexual topics.)

And if all that sharing gets things hot and steamy, by all means, take your physical intimacy to the next level.

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