10 Tantalizing Positions for a Sexual Shower (+12 Hot Tips)

So you want to attempt a sensual shower à la Fifty Shades Darker?

We’re here for it!

Shower sex can be hot, steamy, and fulfill your wettest fantasies. 

But how do you have great shower sex?

Tbh, it requires some pre-planning and a bit of trial and error.  

But fret not! We’ll take the guesswork out of shower sex to help you have your most toe-curling sexual experience yet.

Ready to sud up?

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    What’s Shower Sex and Why Should You Have It?

    Shower sex involves enjoying sexual activities under a running shower. These sexy acts include both solo play (masturbation) and partner fun. 

    Here’s the truth: 

    We love steamy shower sex! 

    It’s a fantastic way to amp up your sex life and even has a positive effect on your mental health. (Bye bye stress!

    Even better?

    Shower sex has a whole lot more going for it, like:

    • Private time: You can have a fun sesh under the shower without worrying about anyone walking in on you. 

    • Lowers tension in your body: The hot water can relax your body wherever you need it the most. The more relaxed you are, the better the sex. (Obviously, a cold shower during sexy time isn’t ideal, but more on that later).

    • Easy to clean up: Want to use lube or have period sex, but the mere thought of ruined sheets kills the vibe? Consider this: Shower sex = no stains!

    • Satisfying self-care: A sexual shower doesn’t have to involve your partner. You can also enjoy a round of masturbation by yourself— it’s great for your mental health and the ultimate form of self-care!

    • Effortless multitasking: If you’re having AM sex, you’re killing three birds with one stone: you’re having a great time, you’re kinda getting a workout in, and you’re taking a shower. What’s not to love?
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    10 Tantalizing Positions for a Satisfying Sexual Shower

    Okay, you’re keen to hop into the shower.

    But now what? How do you make the most of the experience?

    Try these hot shower sex positions right away:

    1. Standing Position But Doggy Style

    Try this go-to sex position for an intense experience:

    • Place your palms against the shower wall, bend your knees and lean forward at a 45-degree angle.

    • Have your partner penetrate you from behind (vaginal or anal).

    This allows your lover to engage in some boob play, fingering, hair pulling, or all of the above.  

    2. Reverse Cowgirl

    For this sex position, you need some tub space or a shower bench. 

    How to perform reverse cowgirl?

    • Have your partner sit at the end of the tub, legs comfortably extended. If you’re using a shower bench, ask your partner to sit on it. 
    • Next, straddle your lover. But, unlike regular cowgirl, face away from your partner. 

    This position is ideal for penetrative sex. (Yes, this includes a dildo or penis!)

    3. Standing Pretzel

    Feeling a little more acrobatic?

    This shower sex position will test your balancing skills. 

    • Lift one leg off the ground and rest it on the edge of the tub, a footrest, or around your partner’s waist. 
    • Your partner positions themselves between your legs, their feet apart, knees slightly bent. 
    • Now your partner can penetrate you with a strap-on dildo or penis. They can also engage in some oral sex with added vibrators or fingering.

    Note: It might be worth trying this position first in a less slippery scenario ;)

    4. Against the Wall

    Make the most out of your shower wall with this move.

    • As the receiving partner, lean with your front facing and your hands against the wall, your feet firmly planted on the floor, and angle your pelvis a little so your booty sticks out.

    • Get your partner to squat up and down behind you as he penetrates you. 

    Like the Standing Position But Doggy Style, Against the Wall is ideal for penetrative sex and clitoris and nipple play.

    5. It’s All About The Straddle

    A shower sex position that can stimulate the G-spot

    Yes, please!

    • Get your S.O. to sit on the floor, bathtub, or shower bench.

    • Then, straddle them, wrapping your legs around their waist. 
    • Control the intensity of the penetration along with depth and rhythm. 

    This position helps you make eye contact with your lover, making the shower even more intimate. 


    6. Downward Dog

    With this sex position, imagine you’re doing a downward dog yoga movement. 

    We’ll explain:

    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart (or slightly wider if that’s more comfortable) and bend forward at the waist. 
    • Reach your arms towards the shower floor, planting your hands firmly down.
    • Your partner can now enter you from behind, either vaginally or anally.

    This sex position will stretch your legs, calves, and spine and increase circulation to your vagina. 

    A nice stretch and pleasure to boot? 

    That’s a win in our book!

    Feel this sex position is a little too intense? Try a shower bench to support your upper body. 

    7. Niagara Falls

    The goal for this position?

    To create a waterfall experience. 

    Here’s how:

    • Grab your shower bench (or even a stool) and place it under your shower.

    • Get your S.O. to sit on the chair, and climb on top of them. 
    • While you can go for penetrative sex, you can also engage in grinding or pelvic rocking.

    Remember: Sex doesn’t always have to involve penetration! 

    8. Shower Head Oral

    Do you have a detachable shower head?

    It’s perfect for oral sex!

    • If you’re the receiving partner, stand comfortably, leaning against a wall or with one leg hooked around your S.O. 
    • Your partner can then bend over to give you some shower head. 

    • Best part? They can use the shower head to stimulate themselves while giving you pleasure. 

    9. The Wheelbarrow

    Ever participated in a wheelbarrow race growing up? 

    The Wheelbarrow sex position is pretty similar — but with some obvious differences! 

    Here’s how you do it:

    • Bend over and plant your hands firmly on the floor.
    • Have the penetrating partner pick you up from the pelvis.

    • Support yourself by wrapping your thighs around your partner’s waist as they penetrate.

    • Make sure the warm water hits your back or butt, rather than your head, so you feel the warm sensation over your body. 

    This sex position leads to deep penetration, so prepare to feel all kinds of good!

    10. Leg Up

    In need of more hot penetrative sex?

    Try this sex position:

    • Stand facing the penetrating partner.

    • Lift your leg and bend the knee (G.O.T pun intended!). 
    • Rest your foot on a shower bench or tub edge as your lover thrusts. If those aren’t available, have your partner hold your leg up.

    Your partner can hit all the right spots with this sex move! 

    Spicy Note:

    As you advance in your shower sex adventures, you may come across interesting terminology like the Golden Shower. 

    Um, what?

    A golden shower is when someone pees (yup, we’re talking about urine) on another person — not quite the Rain on Me Lady Gaga had in mind!

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    12 Spicy Tips for Steamier Shower Sex

    You’ve got the sex moves down pat. (Woot!)

    But before starting your shower adventure, you gotta set the shower scene. 

    Here are a few sizzling tips to note for an ah-mazing shower sex session:

    1. Come Prepared

    Don’t get us wrong: 

    We love a spontaneous round of sex. 

    But, when it comes to shower sex, preparation is the name of the game. 

    Here’s what we mean:

    • Make sure your sex toys are charged and ready to go. 
    • Place your personal lube (more on that soon) in the showering area or bathtub. 
    • Be ready with some shower sex moves.
    • Right before stepping in, turn on the shower to ensure the water temperature is just right. 

    2. Bring the Heat

    Speaking of water temperature, ensure you have hot water running (not scalding obvs). 

    Poor water temperature is a surefire mood killer! 

    After all, you don’t want to be shivering naked under a cold shower when you’re trying to get your freak on.

    3. Avoid a Slipping Accident

    A wet shower floor means potential slips. 

    Spare yourself from injuries and stress by securing a rubber bath mat with suction cups to the floor. 

    Use a rubber mat either inside the showering cubicle or bathtub — focus on where you and your lover will stand. 

    4. Have a Place for Everything

    Keep shampoos, conditioners, soap, and shower gels off the floor. 


    You’re less likely to knock a bottle over, causing a spill and slipping accident.

    Instead, keep them away on a shelf. 

    You can also pop your sex-related products into a basket and tuck it away when not in use.

    5. Start the Fun and Games Before Heading to the Shower

    New to shower sex and feeling a little intimidated?

    Get the action going before heading into the bathroom. 

    You can start with a fun foreplay session before stepping into the shower. This way, you’ll be nicely warmed up and more inclined to try something different.

    6. Stick to Oil and Silicone Based Lubes 

    Having shower sex is amazing.

    But hear us out:

    The water can quickly dry you up, causing pain, discomfort, and more.

    How do you navigate this?

    Use lube!

    But not just any type of lube: Use silicone and oil based lubes ONLY

    While a water-based lube is ideal to pair with a sex toy, it’ll wash off during shower sex. 

    So how do silicone and oil based lubes hold up during shower sex?

    Here’s why we love a silicone-based lube:

    • Long-lasting thanks to its consistency, so it’s great in the shower
    • Perfect to use with a non-silicone sex toy and condom
    • Ideal for extended penetrative sex (especially during water play)
    • Good for sensitive skin

    A major downside is that silicone lube will damage silicone sex toys. 

    Here’s why we love an oil-based lube:

    • Ideal for a long-lasting shower sex session
    • Good for a sensual massage after round one if you’re feeling extra frisky!
    • Works well with synthetic condoms

    The drawback? It doesn’t pair well with latex condoms.

    Looking for an oil based lube?

    Try the all-natural Coconu Oil Based Personal Lubricant for a satisfying experience. 

    This lube is great for your sexual health because it:

      • Contains organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, beeswax, and more.
      • Edible, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free
      • Has no harmful ingredients, chemicals, or dyes
      • Moisturizes your vagina and banishes dryness
      • Absorbs nicely into the body while keeping you slick enough to enjoy shower sex

    7. Place a Foot Stand or Shower Bench

    A lot of the sex positions we listed need a bathtub, shower bench, or foot stand. 

    Don’t have any of these? 

    Consider investing in a water-resistant shower bench or foot stand.

    Trust us — it’ll make your shower and shower sex sessions all the more memorable.

    8. Have Period Sex

    Who said you can’t have sex during your period?

    If you or your partner can’t handle the sight of blood, then obvs skip this one. 

    But if the only deterrent was stained sheets after period sex, then we’ve got the perfect solution.

    Period shower sex!

    The water will wash any blood away, so you can enjoy all the benefits of period sex without the mess. It’s pretty genius!

    Did you know:

    Period sex can help lessen cramps for a woman? 

    Plus, you may feel more aroused thanks to fluctuating hormones during this time of the month.  

    9. Bring Your Toys

    Feeling adventurous?

    Add an array of toy options like vibrators and anal plugs to your shower sex sessions. 

    But ensure your toy is waterproof (or splashproof). 

    10. Put on a Sexual Shower Show (Virtually and IRL)

    A long-distance relationship (LDR) is a bummer. 

    But there is one positive:

    Although you can’t physically be with your lover, you can still have some fun. 

    How does shower sex help here?

    Set up a tripod and your phone for a shower scene. Then, point and shoot. 

    It’s that simple!

    Put on a show for your S.O as you lather yourself in soap or use a vibrator! (Psst: Make sure it’s reciprocated, too!)

    Important: Only attempt this if you’re 100% comfortable. (No pressure if you’re not, okay?) And ensure your partner understands the importance of privacy. 

    Not in an LDR?

    You can also do the same IRL. 

    Ask your boo to sit back as you put on a show with soap and masturbation.

    Bonus: Put on a show for each other simultaneously to really amp things up!

    11. Use a Foamy Soap and Lather Each Other

    Get into the groove by soaping and lathering each other before the main event. 

    Relax, take your time and enjoy some gentle massaging and touching. It’s a fun way to enjoy some intimacy.

    12. Take Care of Your Sexual Health

    As a woman, you can develop certain vaginal health conditions if you’re not hygienic during and after shower sex.

    Here’s what you should do:

    • Clean your sex toys thoroughly to prevent bacterial infections. 
    • Ensure you don’t let the toys stay damp for long, as they can breed bacteria and create vaginal health conditions. 
    • Towel off well, so you don’t get a yeast infection.
    • Use condoms and dental dams (but remember the rules of lube apply!).

    Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Sexual Shower

    Shower sex can be a thrilling experience for both you and your partner. It’s definitely something to be repeated many times. 

    And as long as you take the right precautions, you can turn any bathroom into your personal sexy oasis. 

    Plan to add lube to the mix? 

    Try the Coconu Hemp & Oil Combo Pack for a deeply satisfying experience.