Can You Use Soap As Lube for Vaginal or Anal Sex?

Can you use soap as lube the next time you go to pound town with your partner?

We’ll save you some time – the answer is NO. 

You shouldn’t use soap for masturbation, vaginal sex, or anal sex, as it can lead to irritation and infection.

Fortunately, you have plenty of alternatives.

Discover three compelling reasons why soap as lube is an absolute no-no. Then, learn about the four types of lube that will pave the way to electrifying sex.

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Can You Use Soap As Lube?


Using soap as lube is never a good idea (emphasis on the word never). 

Soaps of any kind — dish soap, hand soap, bar soap, liquid soap, clay soap, calcium soaps, body wash — aren’t designed for internal use or penetration.

Most gynecologists recommend cleaning your vagina gently with warm water instead of applying soap.

So if you shouldn’t use soap to clean the inside of your privates, you certainly shouldn’t use it to lube them up.

What’s wrong with soap?

Let’s dive right in: 

1. Triggers Itchiness and Inflammations


Things are getting hot and heavy between you and your S.O. in the shower. You reach for the bar of soap to apply as a lubricant.  

Stop right there! 

Soap consists of surfactants (surface-active agents) that act as detergents. So yes, soap is great for stripping your skin of dirt, oil, and other pollutants. 

But here’s the catch: 

These harsh surfactants can irritate the sensitive skin in your genital areas (vagina, vulva, and anus).

Using soap in these areas can lead to inflammation, itching, severe burning, and more nightmares you didn’t sign up for!

You don’t want to howl in pain when the intention is to moan with pleasure, right?

2. Crushes Your Confidence With Cracked Skin 

The pH of your vagina ranges between 3.8 and 5. 

But the pH of regular bar soap or body wash is pretty high (9-10). 

Why should you care?

The high pH level of your soap lube can affect moisture retention and disturb normal vaginal pH, leading to dryness. 

Here’s something more worrisome

The skin around your vagina and anus is thin. So it’s more vulnerable to soap's abrasive ingredients.

It can cause your skin to dry out and crack à la the Sahara desert.

Bottom line: You’ll get worked up about your skin problems instead of getting laid. 

Soap isn't a suitable lubricant in any sexy scenario — be it oral sex, anal sex, shower sex, or sex with a condom or without a condom.


3. Inconsistent and Icky 

Soap — whether it’s dish soap, hand soap, bar soap, liquid soap, clay soap, or calcium soaps — is ineffective as a lubricant. Period. 

What’s the real story?

Soap dries out quickly without water and rinses away easily with it. So, it doesn’t have good water resistance. 

It gets worse: 

In the absence of water and during prolonged contact, the skin can absorb soap.

And this can trigger skin disorders such as eczema. 

So wash all your soap off. Every last sud.

Craving long sex sessions?

Then stay miles away from soap lube. It isn’t meant to remain slick and doesn’t offer consistent lubrication. 

You’ll need to rinse the soap sooner than later. And either rely on natural lubrication or reapply more soap…and more… and some more.

This tiresome routine can spoil your mood. 

The worst part?

You’re likely to end up chafing than climaxing (Ouch!). 

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So, what lubrication options can you go for?

4 Types of Lubricants To Amp Up Your Sexual Pleasure

Ready for some P-in-V action?

Here are the different lubricants you can safely use: 

1. Oil-based Lubricants

Has anal sex been on your bucket list for some time?

You’re in luck ‘cause oil-based lubes are ideal for anal sex. 

An oil based lube has good water resistance and reduces friction, making backdoor sex slicker and more fun.

Most oil-based lubes contain ingredients like: 

  • Avocado oil
  • Shea oil
  • Argan oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Virgin olive oil

An important detail: 

Oil-based lubricants don’t play nice with condoms, diaphragms, or dental dams.

Plus, you shouldn’t ingest them. Engaging in oral sex with oil-based lubes can present a choking hazard (and not the sexy kind!)

Fret not. They’re still way safer than using soap or mineral oil for lubrication. 

Here are a few options to safely indulge in under the sheets:

  • Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lubricant is a silky smooth lube that absorbs right into your skin, leaving no mess to clean up.

    Its organic formulation protects your sensitive skin and helps you safely engage in anal sex and butt play. 

    One more thing: It plays well with non-latex condoms and sex toys! 
  • Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil is a lightweight lubricant that doubles as a titillating massage oil. It enables you to reach peak sexual pleasure.

    This sex lube is infused with the amazing benefits of hemp. It also has zero additives and pleasures your body before, during, and after play.

    2. Water-based Lubricants

    We’ve all been there — you’re in the mood for some steamy sex (or quality time with your sex toy), but discomfort from dryness kills the vibe. 

    Water-based lubricants to your rescue!

    Water-based lube works well with any condom or sex toy, providing an excellent slip-and-slide experience. 

    What’s in it for you?

    It's easy to clean up and non-messy. So you don’t have to do laundry every time you do the deed! 

    Even better?

    Water-based lubes give you mindblowing orgasms and an enviable sex life!

    Ready to load up on some high-quality lube?

    We recommend: 

    Coconu’s Water Based Personal Lubricant — An edible, hypoallergenic lubricant designed to last as long as you do. 

    This water based lube is safe for sex toys, making it perfect for solo nights. It’s also 100% organic and safe to use with a latex condom. 

    3. Natural Lubricants

    Want something that treats your vag with care (instead of chemicals)?

    Try a natural lube. 

    Here are some of the natural alternatives to soap when you’re really in a pinch (hint: you can find most of these in your kitchen pantry):

    • Virgin coconut oil
    • Virgin olive oil
    • Sweet almond oil
    • Aloe vera gel
    • Avocado oil
    • Argan oil

    Whether you’re having partner sex or enjoying solo play with sex toys, natural lubes are great for those with sensitive skin


    They’re free of chemicals, toxins, and additives and contain only natural ingredients that don’t hurt your skin (or your chances of getting laid). 

    Hot tip: 

    Always do a patch test for any allergic reactions before using them on your vag or anus.

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    4. Silicone-based Lubricants

    Unlike the water based lube, silicone based lubricants last longer and rarely need to be reapplied. 

    You know what that means? 

    Prolonged shower sex!

    Silicone based lubes are also safe with condoms.

    The downside?

    The lubricant is harder to wash off owing to its long-lasting nature. 


    Silicone lubes don’t play well with any silicone sex toy. So don’t pair them together and ruin the sexy vibes of the night. 

    7 Other Products Not To Use As Lube

    Here are a few other products to AVOID during a good romp:

    • Vaseline: Using Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) as lube will only lead to greasy stains and severe pains. Plus, they’re incompatible with latex condoms. 
    • Body lotion or hand lotion: Don’t believe anybody who says lotion can spice up your sex life! The chemicals and perfumes in lotions can cause vaginal irritation or even an infection.

    • Saliva: STI-causing bacteria and viruses can enter your body through your partner’s saliva. It also dries quickly and causes friction during sex, which can be painful. 

    • Mineral oil or baby oil: Baby oil and other mineral oil products cause vaginal irritation and infection.

    • Butter: If you put butter into your vag (or anus) and don’t clean properly afterward, it can get rancid and cause infection. So save the butter for your cakes and cookies. 

    • Whipped cream: This contains a lot of sugar that can disturb the vagina's natural pH levels, ultimately leading to infections.

    • Grease: Yes, grease helps reduce friction – in automobiles! Ditch this idea and never think of it again. 

    Say No To Soaps and Yes To Vag-Safe Lubes 

    A good lube can make your day better — right up there with puppies and cheesecake. 


    Don’t use soap as lube — ditch it for good. It’s meant for cleaning, not creaming. 

    Instead, get your hands on Coconu’s Oil Based Singles today. They conveniently fit into your glovebox or pocket, and you can take them wherever you go. 

    Ready to slip and slide into an incredible sexual experience?