Can You Use Olive Oil As Lube? What Are The Risks Involved?

Olive oil is well known for its healthy and healing properties, whether consumed or applied to your skin and hair.

But can you use olive oil as lube for vaginal or anal sex?
Is it safe for your sexual health?

Let’s find out.

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Can You Use Olive Oil As Lube?

The quick answer: it depends.

Generally, extra virgin olive oil is an acceptable lube alternative as it lasts longer during sex and doesn’t require frequent reapplication.

However, olive oil is suitable only if you:
  • Use extra virgin olive. Some regular store-bought olive oil bottles can have questionable chemicals and other ingredients. Some may not even contain olives. So opt for the extra virgin variety.
  • Use a polyurethane condom. According to Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MD and gynecologist, olive oil will interfere with a latex condom. It will disintegrate and increase the likelihood of getting pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI).
However, you can safely use a polyurethane condom (or other synthetic condoms) with olive oil.
  • Want to engage in foreplay or a sensual massage. You can use olive oil to up your bedroom antics!
  • Want to use an adult silicone toy. You can use olive oil with a silicone sex toy, but ensure it’s body safe, non-porous, and non-toxic. If it’s made from medical or food-grade silicone, you’re good to go.
  • Don’t have overly sensitive skin. Olive oil can clog your skin’s pores. This can lead to pH imbalance, irritation, and infection in and around your anus and vagina.
  • Aren’t fussy about post-sexy time clean-up. Olive oil isn’t water-soluble, making it a pain to wash off your skin, clothes, sheets, and floor.
  • Aren’t trying to conceive. Some clinical trials indicate that sperm motility decreases by 50% in 15 minutes and 25% in 2 hours when olive oil is used as a lube.

Overall, the general consensus is that if you’re not using it with polyurethane condoms, olive oil is not the best sexual lubricant choice for penetrative sex.

But, aside from olive oil, what else can you use? Let’s explore.

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What Commercial Sex Lubricant Can You Use?

One of the keys to better sex is using the right lube.

There are three main types of store-bought lubricants available for vaginal or anal sex:

1. Water Based Lubricant

A water based lube is the safest choice if you have sensitive skin.

Why we love water based lubricants:
  • You can use this lube with any sex toy and condoms.
  • It works well for anal sex and vaginal sex.
  • It won’t irritate the skin.
  • It easily washes off.
The downside is that a water-based lube like KY Jelly isn’t ideal for shower play as you will have to reapply constantly.

Considering a water based lube?
Aside from KY Jelly, the Coconu Water Based Personal Lubricant ($24.99) is ideal for your sexual health.

Here’s why:
  • It’s 100% natural and contains ingredients like organic coconut water.
  • It’s cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and preserves a vagina’s pH balance.
  • It’s totally edible (hi oral sex!).
  • It contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), alcohol, petroleum jelly, and other harmful ingredients.
  • It doubles as a lube and a vaginal moisturizer, hydrating the vaginal tissue — perfect for vaginal dryness.

2. Oil Based Lubricant

An oil based lube is ideal for longer sessions.

Why we love an oil based lubricant:
  • An oil based lube can be safely used for vaginal and anal sex.
  • It’s ideal for sexy massages.
  • It’s great for shower sex.
  • It pairs well with synthetic condoms.
However, as mentioned before, avoid using it with a latex condom, and watch out for any stains on your sheets.

If you’re looking for a great oil based lube, Coconu has two fantastic options:
  • The Coconu Oil Based Personal Lubricant ($24.99) offers a deeply satisfying sexual experience:
    • It contains organic ingredients like sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil, etc.
    • The coconut oil is USDA-certified organic.
    • It’s completely edible, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic.
    • It contains no harmful chemicals, ingredients, or dyes.
    • It doubles as a massage oil.
    • The Coconu Hemp Body Oil ($34.99) is a triple threat, serving as a pre-sexual lubricant, personal lubricant, and massage oil:
      • The silky Hemp Body Oil contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter, and hemp extract.
      • The coconut oil is USDA-certified organic.
      • This oil is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and totally edible like its sister products.
      • It contains no harmful ingredients and absorbs quickly.

    3. Silicone Based Lubricant

    Silicone lube is a good option for a long-lasting session.

    Here’s why we love a silicone lube:
    • It’s ideal for sensitive skin as it’s less likely to cause irritation and allergies.
    • You can use it with both latex and polyurethane condoms as well as non-silicone-based sex toys.

    The downside of silicone based lubricant is that it will damage toys and diaphragms that contain silicone. Moreover, it’s tough to wash off your skin and sheets.

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    What Other Sexual Lubricant Alternatives Can You Use?

    Aside from olive oil, you can turn to some of these sexual lubricant alternatives in a pinch:
    • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera can reduce skin irritation and improve hydration. Just ensure you’re using one that contains no additional ingredients like alcohol.
    • Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties and is generally safe to use as a sex lube.
    • Vitamin E Oil: Applying vitamin E oil is a good option if you suffer from vaginal dryness. It can also double as a lubricant.

    As with olive oil, some of these products may not work for everyone — it depends on how sensitive your skin is and what you’re hoping to get up to. So exert caution before applying any product.

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    What Lubricant Alternatives Should You Avoid?

    Some products are just an absolute no-no when it comes to penetrative sex.

    Here are some items you should avoid at all costs:
    • Petroleum Jelly: Brands like Vaseline can cause irritation and a nasty infection. Only use petroleum jelly for external use.
    • Baby Oil: Baby oil is a mineral oil that is safe for your skin but not for your vagina.
    • Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oil and other refined cooking oil variations contain many chemicals, making them very harmful for use as a lube.
    • Soaps and Lotions: Many soaps and lotions contain ingredients like parabens, glycerin, and fragrances that are harmful to your delicate areas and can cause infection.
    • Saliva: Contrary to popular belief, saliva is not a good lubricant option. STIs can spread, and you run the risk of friction and irritation as it dries up.

    Slide (Safely) Into Bed

    While extra virgin olive oil can be used as a lubricant, it’s not the most recommended option. Instead, consider an organic lube, like the Coconu range of products, and you’ll be on your way to having better sex.

    If you’re uncertain about any allergies you or your partner may have, always consult a gynecologist or family doctor for a safe, fun time!