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Cave Condoms to Coconu: The Evolution of “Sexccessories”

By Rachel Jensen on Nov 05, 2015

Sex is probably the oldest­ and most popular­ form of entertainment known to man. It’s been a favorite human past time since approximately the day it was discovered, so naturally it didn’t take Homo Sapien S...

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Feminine Products: Why use Natural or Organic?

By Rachel Jensen on Jul 16, 2013

Let’s face it. Ladies must take care of female hygiene issues. When one comes to an age that requires treatment, such as during the menopause, every female should go for extra care. It is great news that the...

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Top 5 Remedies to Vaginal Dryness

By Rachel Jensen on Jul 11, 2013

There are various remedies for vaginal dryness. Most treatments require several weeks for a woman to feel it working but the results are definitely worth the wait. Just a little patience will really lead to ...

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Morning Sex is the Best Sex of the Day

By Rachel Jensen on Jul 08, 2013

Not everyone may know that morning sex is the best sex of the day. There are so many things that get in the way of morning sex. It seems that we, especially women, are in a hurry. So if morning sex is the be...

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Journey to the Center of an Orgasm - A Guide for Women (Part 2)

By Rachel Jensen on Apr 30, 2013

Part Two: All’s Fair in Love and War I think we’ve already established that we’re in it to win it, and we’re not stopping til we come, right? Right! If you’ve mastered the traditional, organic approach, then...

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Journey to the Center of an Orgasm - A Guide for Women

By Rachel Jensen on Apr 29, 2013

Because this is some serious stuff, and because anyone who has ever been totally thwarted in an attempt to capture an orgasm that you neeeeded like words can’t express knows that there is nothing funny about...

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