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Celestial Sex

By Rachel Jensen on Apr 02, 2013

The ancients believed that the natures of all human beings are influenced by the position of the planets. Horoscopes, zodiac charts and astrological profiles were born when they determined that all people ...

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Silence is Sexy

By Rachel Jensen on Mar 29, 2013

5,000 men were asked to complete a survey on what they liked best about Oral Sex.

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Lets Talk About Vagina

By Rachel Jensen on Mar 18, 2013

Info: 70.8% of women only know where the clitoris is located. 33 % of women can't have an orgasm from vaginal sex alone. 10-15% of all women have never experienced an orgasm. 33% of women can't find their ow...

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Deprived and Depraved: When Being an Attentive Parent is Making You Sexless and Crazy

By Rachel Jensen on Feb 25, 2013

Note: The following stories are true; the characters’ names have been changed to protect any lingering scraps of their personal dignity. Elizabeth Shapiro is a caring mother.  She doesn’t want her children u...

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Synthetically Based Personal Lubricant: Dangerous, or Demonized?

By Rachel Jensen on Feb 21, 2013

Sex has been a bestselling product since the beginning of time; nearly everyone wants it, and it seems nearly everyone is trying to sell it to you bigger, better, stronger, longer, faster, or glow-in-the-dar...

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Are There Significant Benefits To Buying Organic Foods For Kids?

By Rachel Jensen on Jan 09, 2013

There are so many great reasons to pay attention to organic products. For parents out there it's refreshing and important to hear this from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Dr. Philip Landrigan, ped...

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