How To Introduce Lube In The Bedroom: 8 Seductive Tips To Try

If I tell my partner I want to use lube, will they feel insulted?
How can I apply lube during sex without feeling awkward?
I don’t suffer from vaginal dryness, but can I still use lube?

You have questions. We have the answers.

Read this handy guide on how to introduce lube in the bedroom to know when, where, and how to let your S.O. in on your desire for this slippery savior.

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3 Spicy Tips On How To Introduce Lube In The Bedroom

Here’s the thing: People tend to see lube as a band-aid for unsatisfactory sex — a solution to a problem.

After all, lube is often used for penetrative sex issues like vaginal dryness or vaginismus (​​an involuntary spasm on the vaginal wall during penetration).

Also, if you want to bring in lube, people with penises sometimes take umbrage at the fact that they aren’t able to “arouse” you sufficiently. (More about this later.)

The result?
A stigma that stops couples from freely playing with lube for a better sexual experience!

Use our smart tips to beat this stigma and discuss it with your S.O.

1. Have the Lube Talk

It’s simple:

Lube makes the glide smoother, penetration easier, and pleasure higher.

So, sit down and discuss with your partner why using lube during sex is an excellent idea!

They’ll have questions or arguments, so be prepared.

Important fact:

Arousal has nothing to do with how wet you’re during sex.

You may feel highly aroused but not sufficiently lubricated for myriad reasons, including your period cycle. Read that again.

Lube is a great addition to any sexual activity, even if you’re not experiencing dryness, painful intercourse, menopause, or anything else.

But when do you bring up this kinda awkward subject?

Pick a time when your lover isn’t occupied or in a rush. This could be when you’re cuddling on the couch, engaging in pillow talk, or sipping on some wine while watching the sunset.

And how do you talk about it?

Here’s a trick we love: DON’T treat your lube talk as a serious conversation.

Play it off as a small experiment or a new thing that’ll up the ante to your bedroom antics.

Depending on your dynamic, you can also crack some slippery jokes to lighten the mood!

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A couple kissing under the sheets

2. Be Spontaneous During Intimacy

What if the idea of sitting down and bringing up lube doesn’t appeal to you?
Can you just go for it instead?

This depends on your communication style as a couple.

Go down memory lane and think of when you introduced a new thing in the bedroom.

How did your lover react? Were they excited or thrown off guard?

If you’re certain they love spontaneity, bring out the little lube tube when things start to heat up!

Say something like, “You know what would be sexy right now? If we tried a little lube tonight! What do you think?”

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3. Shop for Lubricants Together

Sexual exploration is key to enhancing intimacy in your relationship.

But this exploration doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor!

So, take your partner lubricant shopping.

Ask them about their preferences on flavors, fragrances, and sensations. Show them the variety of warming, edible, flavored, numbing, and other mind-boggling assortments of lubes available in the market.

Pay attention to what grabs their attention. Your partner will definitely feel enthused about a sexual experience with lube if they pick it!

It’ll also give you insider info on what turns them on under the sheets.

Are they asking if a certain oil-based lube is good for anal sex?
Are they curious about different ingredients in an edible lube and its effect on cunnilingus?

The more you shop, the more you’ll know about each other.

Let’s now look at some playful ways to use lube in your sex life.

5 Sensual Ways To Incorporate Lube Into Your Sex Life

Try these fun ways to take your lube explorations to the next level:

1. Load it on for some anal play: Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t lubricate when aroused. So, if you want to have anal sex in exciting sex positions, load up on lube!

We recommend: Coconu’s Coconut Oil Based Personal Lubricant! It is perfect for long-lasting glide and moisturization!

Its coconut oil and other organic ingredients protect sensitive skin (like anal and vaginal tissues) and stimulate your body’s natural lubrication.

2. Pair it with your sex toys: Sure, your prostate massager or vibrator feels great. But you can make the whole thing a more sensual sexual activity with a bit of lube!

3. Use it for an intimate massage: The right lube can double up as a massage oil.

Some couples like using a warming lube for massages. But do a skin test first, as warming lubes can have ingredients that cause irritation.

Make a sexual massage or foreplay luxurious with Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil!

This lightweight lube doubles as a titillating massage oil, heightening sensation and relaxing muscles.

The unique formulation combines the goodness of coconut oil with the several benefits of hemp to pleasure your body before, during, and after play.

It’s the perfect multi-tasker. And, of course, it's 100% organic!

4. Try edible lube for oral sex: A bit of edible lube can make oral sex unforgettable.

A flavored lubricant adds a fun dynamic in bed. But be mindful when using flavored lubes as its ingredients can be irritating to some.

Wondering where you can find edible, flavorless, and restorative lube for your oral sex adventures?

Coconu’s Water Based Personal Lubricant is a perfect choice!

This 100% edible and organic lube has NO glycerin, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, gluten, phthalates, fragrances, and dyes.

It’s also safe to use with sex barriers like latex condoms, polyisoprene condoms, and dental dams. No matter what kinky sex you have in mind, this watery miracle has you covered.

5. Amp up your foreplay game: Lube is great for much more than vaginal sex and other penetrative sex.

In fact, foreplay is a time to discover how lube works for you. Start with a dollop or two and work your way up, depending on what feels good.

What’s The Right Lube For You?

If you’re new to the world of personal lubricants, you’ll be surprised to learn about the different kinds of lube.

Here’s a breakdown of the basics:

1. Water Based Lube

A water based lubricant is the most commonly used lube. And for good reasons!

A water based lube:
  • Provides smooth lubrication and is super easy to clean up
  • Mimics the natural lubrication of your body’s fluids
  • Can help manage vaginal dryness or irritation
  • Is often safe to use with a silicone sex toy and even with a latex condom

You could also explore numbing lubes (usually a water-based lube with mild topical anesthetics) for anal play.

But a numbing lube can lead to long-term injury — you may not feel any pain until the lube has worn off, so you wouldn't know when to stop.

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A couple cuddling in bed

2. Oil Based Lube

Oil based lubricants are sensual and stimulating because of their lush texture. Depending on the ingredients, an oil based lube can also relax and hydrate your skin.

Some things you should know about oil based lubes:

  • Most oil based lubes aren’t as easy to clean up as their watery counterparts. Luckily, Coconu’s Oil Based Lubes are an exception! These formulations get absorbed into the body, so there’s no need to clean up.

  • Oil based lubes can break down a latex condom. So, opt for a water based lube if you're using protection.

3. Silicone Lube

A silicone based lube:
  • Is long-lasting and hypoallergenic
  • Can be your go-to for wet fantasies as it doesn’t wash off with water (think: anal sex in the shower)
  • Works well with a condom

The downside?
Silicone based lube can damage a silicone sex toy.

Instead, you could use hybrid lubes (water-based silicone lubes) with some of your best sex toys.

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Lube Up Your Sex Life For Better Intimacy

Lubricants aren’t just a band-aid for friction — they can take your sexual pleasure to the next level!

The more you incorporate lube into your sex life, the more you learn to use it for sexual pleasure.

If you’re trying lube for the first time, why not get Coconu’s Water Based Singles pack? These convenient single-use packets are great as samplers for your Lube-in-Bedroom 101.