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How To Use Lube In 23 Mind-Blowing Ways in 2021

A lubricant is a sure-fire way to take your sex life to the next level. But, here are a few more reasons to hop on the vaginal lubricant bandwagon:

  • Lube is effective against vaginal dryness.
  • Lube is great if your body doesn’t produce as much natural lubrication.
  • Lube helps sex become enjoyable, reducing friction and pain.
  • Lube heightens solo pleasure.
  • Sex is safe with lube because you avoid tiny cuts and skin tears resulting from friction, especially if you have ​​sensitive skin.
  • We have found 23 exciting ways for you to use lube.

Great reasons to buy a lube now! This brings us to the big question:

How To Use Lube?

Before we tell you all the fun ways in which you can use lube, please note there are three main types of sex lubricants: water based lube, silicone based lube, and oil based lube.

Which sex lube you choose depends on personal preference and what you’re hoping to achieve in the bedroom.

Discover more about the types of lubricant right here.

Always keep a lube on your nightstand

Here are some of our favorite ways on how to use lube:

1. Warm It Up

Squeezing out a dollop of lube right onto your vaj (short for vagina) can give you a cold shock. Instead, first, squeeze out a little onto your fingers and rub them together to introduce some heat. Then apply it where you want. 

For extended play, Sharon, 32, likes to warm her tube of silicone lubricant in a mug of hot water. Easy peasy.

2. Fun In The Tub

Here’s the deal, you should totally bring your lube into the shower or hot tub (think Raj from the Big Bang Theory and his hot tub fantasies). Water isn’t a natural lubricant and can dry you up fast. Your best bet is a silicone based lubricant that won’t wash away. 

3. Hemp-Based Love

Take your sexual activity to dizzying heights with some hemp-based lube. CBD increases blood flow which, in turn, increases arousal and decreases discomfort. 

Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil is a game-changer. You can use it before, during, and after sex. And, the best part? It’s 100% natural and uses USDA-certified organic coconut oil.

4. Hand Jobs and Fingering

If using saliva on your partner’s penis or having saliva on your vagina makes you feel a little squeamish, then don’t worry. All you need is some sex lubricant, and your hand job will feel the love. 

The same goes for any fingering action on your vulva and clitoris. Drop a dollop onto the fingerer’s well... fingers, and let the action begin.

5. Cunnilingus

A dry mouth can wreak havoc for both the giver and receiver. It’s uncomfortable for the giver and can feel like sandpaper on the receiver. A little lubrication will do the trick. Just apply some personal lubricant and get to work.

6. Bring The Flavor

And if you want to spice up oral sex - bring out the flavored lubricant. Just be mindful of the ingredients (like glycerin) that go into the lube, as they can cause vaginal tissue irritation and even a yeast infection. But, a flavoured lube can help make the “job” a little less cumbersome. 

Or, use a homemade lube if you want to be more creative!

7. BJ Refresher

While we’re on the subject of blow jobs, here’s a sexy tip you may not have heard before: 

Wrap your top lip around your upper teeth and cover your lower teeth with your tongue. Then, add a little lube to your lips before diving down.

Use Coconu’s Oil Based Lubricant if you love a “coco-nutty” flavor, or go for Coconu Water Based lube for some fragrance-free, edible fun! 

8. An Unforgettable Foreplay Sesh

Spice up foreplay by getting your partner to squeeze some lube onto their palm and grinding it against your vulva and labia. You won’t know what hit you! 

9. Lube Launcher

A lube launcher is a tool women can use to shoot their favorite lubricant into their vagina or anus. Its shape resembles an injection, and you simply load up the lube before launching it. 

The lube slowly slides down your vagina so that by the time you’re ready for sexual intercourse, you’ll be well-lubricated.

10. Dry Hump Away

Before a dry hump sesh, apply a bit of vaginal lubrication to your vulva and clitoris. It’ll reduce friction while increasing sexual pleasure.

11. An Intimate Massage

Try a body-safe lubricant for a nice massage ahead of any sexy time. Nothing unwinds and electrifies quite as well as an intimate massage with your fave massage oil.

Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil and Oil Based Personal Lubricant are two great products for a deeply satisfying massage. 

12. Elevate The Big O

Apply a few drops of lubricant onto your male partner’s perineum. Then, right before he orgasms, tap your finger on the same spot to send him over the edge.

13. Sexy Solo Play

Skip the lotion and use a lubricant to take solo playtime to a smoother, frictionless level. Remember, if you’re using a silicone sex toy, avoid using silicone lube or oil based lubricant.

14. Stimulate Your Partner With A Vibe

Adult toys bring a whole lot of fun to sex. Grab a vibrator and cover the flat tip with a bit of lube. Then, trace it around your male partner’s balls for a little extra stimulation before penetrative sex.

15. Vibe To The Beat 

Turn the tables on yourself and use a lubricant with your vibrator. Tamara, 35, realized early on that the same sensation a vibrator usually brings will go up a few notches once she introduced a little lube. Then, it’s all fun and games!

Use a water based lubricant if your sex toy is made of silicone. Check out Coconu’s all-natural Water Based Personal Lubricant for best results. 

16. Vaginal Sex 

Make penetration that much more pleasurable by adding some lube to the mix. “I like using a lubricant when having sex,” says Andy, 32. “Even if I produce sufficient moisture, this makes it a lot more gratifying.”

17. Anal Play 

Using an anal lube for anal foreplay (i.e., fingers, silicone toy, butt plug etc.) is totally okay and, in fact, recommended. It’ll make the whole experience smoother and more pleasurable.

Wondering if a numbing lube is a good option? Check out our detailed guide here.

18. Anal Sex

The same goes for anal sex or penetration. And, because your body does not self-lubricate in this area, feel free to add more lube than usual. 

19. Inside A Condom

Many men feel that wearing a condom reduces their sensation when having sex. So, to amp up the feeling a little bit, add a couple of drops of lube into the condom before rolling it up. If you’re using a latex condom, only use a water based lubricant as silicone and oil based lubes can cause condom breakage. 

20. Outside A Condom

You can also apply a water based lubricant to the outside of your latex condom. Just use some after it’s on.

21. Face-Down Stimulation

Ask your partner to flip onto his tummy and apply some lubricant to your hands. Then proceed to massage his groin area with the sides of your hands using a sawing motion. You’ll be triggering more blood flow to his penis, resulting in a better erection. 

22. A Little Goes A Long Way

Aside from anal sex, a little lube goes a long way. Start with a wee bit and add more as you need. 

Bonus Tip:

23. Layer It On

Add some extra sensation to sex by getting your partner to layer some lube onto your nipples, clitoris, and other erogenous areas while having sex. Do the same to your partner’s body. The extra silkiness will build up in the best way possible.