How To Use Lube In 25+ Mind-Blowing Ways (Tips, FAQs)

So you bought lube (or you’re thinking of getting one). Great!
But how to use lube?

Squeezing a dollop and applying it to your vagina or penis may seem obvious. 

But there are far better (read: creative) ways to use lube.

What’s the real story here?

You can use a lubricant to:

The possibilities are endless! 

Read on to discover 26 ways to use lube for a delightful time in bed.  

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Some of our favorite ways to use lube include:

  1. Warm It Up
  2. Fun In The Tub Or Shower
  3. Hemp-Based Love
  4. Hand Jobs and Fingering
  5. Cunnilingus
  6. Bring The Flavor
  7. BJ Refresher
  8. An Unforgettable Foreplay Sesh
  9. Lube Launcher
  10. Dry Hump Away
  11. An Intimate Massage
  12. Elevate The Big O
  13. Sexy Solo Play
  14. Stimulate Your Partner With A Vibe
  15. Vibe To The Beat
  16. Vaginal Sex
  17. Anal Play
  18. Anal Sex
  19. Inside A Condom
  20. Outside A Condom
  21. Face-Down Stimulation
  22. A Little Goes A Long Way
  23. Turn Your Boobs Into A Slip ‘N’ Slide
  24. Use For Non-Sextivities
  25. Nose Play
  26. Layer It On

Always keep a lube on your nightstand

1. Warm It Up

Squeezing a dollop of lube right onto your vulva and vag (AKA vagina) can give you a cold shock. 

What should I do instead?

Press out a little lube onto your fingers and rub them together to introduce some heat. 

Then lube up where you want. 

Hot tip: 

For extended play, warm your lubricant in a mug of hot water. 

2. Fun In The Tub Or Shower

Here’s the deal: 

You should totally bring your lube into the shower or hot tub (think: Raj from the Big Bang Theory and his hot tub fantasies!

But remember:

Water is NOT a natural lube and can dry you up fast. 

Your best bet is an oil based lubricant that won’t wash away and create dryness. 

Our recommendation? Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lubricant, but more on that later!

3. Hemp-Based Love

Take your sexual activity to dizzying heights with some hemp-based lube. 

Why try a hemp-based lube?

Hemp infused lubes increases blood flow and, in turn, enhances arousal while reducing discomfort. 

Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil is a game-changer. You can use it before, during, and after a romp. 

Even better? 

It’s 100% natural and uses USDA-certified organic coconut oil.

4. Hand Jobs and Fingering

Not into spit play during hand jobs or a fingering sesh?

All you need is some sex lubricant instead! Your hand job will feel the love. 

The same goes for any fingering action on your vulva, clitoris, or anus. Drop a dollop onto the fingerer’s well... fingers, and let the action begin.

Want to make love with your fingers?  

Try this technique involving the opening and inside of the vagina:

  • Cross your index and middle fingers and smear a personal lubricant on them.

  • Gently insert your crossed fingers with your palm facing down and rotate as you glide in and out.

  • Use the receiver’s hip movements and breathing to find a dreamy rhythm.

5. Cunnilingus

A dry mouth can wreak havoc for both the giver and receiver. 
It’s uncomfortable for the giver and can feel like sandpaper on the receiver. 

The good news?

A little vaginal lubrication will do the trick. Just apply some vaginal lubricant and get to work.

6. Bring The Flavor

Wondering how to spice up oral sex? 

Bring out your favorite flavored lubes

A flavored lube can help make the “job” wetter and a little less cumbersome. 

But there’s a catch.

Be mindful of the ingredients (like glycerin) that go into the lube. They can cause vaginal tissue irritation and even a yeast infection. 

(Psst… use a homemade lube if you want to be more creative!)

7. BJ Refresher

While we’re on the subject of blow jobs, here are two sexy tips you may not have heard before:

A. Pucker Up

  • Wrap your top lip around your upper teeth and cover your lower teeth with your tongue.

  • Then, add a little edible lube to your lips before diving down.

B. Tunnel Through

  • Warm your hands up and slather some lube. 
  • Interlace your fingers as you clasp your hands together.

  • Place your interlaced hands close to your mouth so they become one unit. Breathe heavily to make your sex partner feel your warm, wet mouth approaching.

  • Then just slide your hands and mouth over their penis in one swoop.
  • Move your hands all the way to his base, and then tighten your grip as you suck back up to the top.

  • Keep stroking and sucking up and down, squeezing a little tighter each time you reach the base.

Looking for the best lube for a stimulating BJ?

Try the Coconu Water Based lube for some fragrance-free, edible fun! 

8. An Unforgettable Foreplay Sesh

Ready to spice up foreplay?

Ask your partner to squeeze some lube onto their palm and grind it against your vulva and labia. 

You won’t know what hit you (thank us later!).

9. Lube Launcher

What the heck is a lube launcher?

A lube launcher (kinda like a syringe) helps you shoot vaginal lubricant into your (or your lover’s) vagina or anus. You simply need to load up the lube before “launching” it. 

The benefit?

By the time you’re ready to get down and dirty, you’ll be well-lubricated!

10. Dry Hump Away

Before a dry hump sesh, apply a bit of vaginal lubrication to your vulva and clitoris. 

It’ll reduce friction while increasing sexual pleasure.

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11. An Intimate Massage

Nothing unwinds and electrifies quite as well as an intimate massage using your fave massage oil.

All the touching and rubbing help you and your lover connect on an emotional level.

Best part?

An intimate massage fosters a deeper emotional connection with yourself as you begin to perceive your own body.

We recommend:

Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lubricant — a great product for a deeply satisfying massage. 

12. Elevate The Big O

Apply a few drops of lubricant onto your male partner’s perineum.

Then, right before they orgasm:

Gently press, rub, or stroke the perineum using your index and middle fingers to send them over the edge.

Wait, what’s the perineum?
It’s the spot between the balls and the anus.  

13. Sexy Solo Play

Skip the lotion (please!) and use a lubricant to take masturbation to a smoother, frictionless level. 

But hold on.

If you’re using a silicone sex toy, avoid a silicone lube or oil based lubricant.

14. Stimulate Your Partner With A Vibe

Sex is more fun with adult toys!

How does lube play a role here?

Grab a vibrator and cover the flat tip with a bit of lube. 

Then, trace it around your partner’s erogenous zones (think: penis, balls, anus, vagina, clitoris) for a little extra stimulation before penetrative sex.

15. Vibe To The Beat 

Turn the tables on yourself and use a lubricant with your vibrator.  

The same sensation a vibrator brings goes up a few notches once you introduce a little lube. Then, it’s all fun and games!

We recommend:

Use a water based lubricant if your sex toy is made of silicone. 

Try Coconu’s all-natural Water Based Personal Lubricant for the best results. 

16. Vaginal Sex

Make penetration or vaginal sex more pleasurable by adding some lube to the mix. 

Even if your vag produces sufficient lubrication, some lube will make it a lot more gratifying!

17. Anal Play 

Using an anal lube for anal play (read: fingers, silicone toy, butt plug, etc.) is totally okay and, in fact, recommended. 

It’ll make the whole experience smoother and more pleasurable.

18. Anal Sex

The same goes for anal sex or penetration. 

Since your body doesn’t produce natural lubrication (can’t self-lubricate) in the anus, add extra lube to kill the dryness. 

19. Inside A Condom

Many men feel that wearing a condom reduces their sensation when having sex. 

The good news?
Add a couple of dollops of lube into the condom before rolling it up. 


If you’re using a latex condom, only use a water-based lubricant. 


Silicone-based lube and oil-based vaginal lubricants can cause condom breakage. 

Read more: Wondering if a numbing lube is a good option? Check our detailed Numbing Lube guide here.

20. Outside A Condom

Apply a water based lubricant to the outside of your latex condom for extra glide. Just use some after it’s on.

21. Face-Down Stimulation

Here’s a hot favorite!

Ask your partner to flip onto his tummy and apply some lubricant to your hands. Then massage his groin area with the sides of your hands using a sawing motion. 

The result?

You’ll be triggering more blood flow to his penis, resulting in a better erection. 

22. A Little Goes A Long Way

Aside from anal sex, a little lube goes a long way. 

What do we mean?

Start with a wee bit and add extra lube as you need. 

Lucky for you, there’s NO wrong way to use lube. You can always wipe off or wash away any excess! 

23. Turn Your Boobs Into A Slip ‘N’ Slide

Thanks to lube, breast sex has never been better! 

How do you use lube for breast sex?

Apply ample lube on your boobs and in between them. Then, lie on your back or get on your knees (if you’re comfortable) and squish your boobs together.

Let your partner kneel over you so they can slip their penis in and out of the slippery valley you've created. 

Hot tip:

Don’t shy away from exploring other breast sex positions and of course… use lots of lube. 

Plus, use Coconu’s Oil Based Lubricant to enjoy uninterrupted boob sex.

24. Use For Non-Sextivities

‘Lube is just for sex,’ said no one ever. 

It’s perfect for various non-sextivities too! 

Did you know an oil based lubricant can tame frizzy hair and prevent thigh chafing? 

And that’s not all. 

You can even use lube to:

  • Easily insert menstruation products like tampons, cups, and discs
  • Create a barrier on your skin while shaving for a smoother experience

25. Nose Play

Want some intense pleasure? 
Try nose play!   

Here’s the story:

Our nose tip has a unique texture (go on, take a feel). 

And the nose is an erogenous zone for many. It even has an inner lining that swells during sexual arousal, just like the breasts and genitals. Surprise!

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Put a drop or two of flavored lubricant (or your choice of lube) on your nose and gently run it between your lover’s vag lips (labia). 
  • Press it against the head of the clitoris gently or nod your head back and forth, left and right, and in circles. 

You’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot when your S.O. starts grinding against your face! 

26. Layer It On

Keen to add some extra sensation to sex? 

Get your partner to layer some lube onto your nipples, clitoris, and other erogenous areas while having sex. Do the same to your partner’s body. 

The extra silkiness will build up in the best way possible.

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Which Type Of Lube Should You Buy?

Pleasure comes in various ways, and of course… using lube heightens it all — easily sending you over the edge. 


There are various lubes available with their own yays and nays. 

So which lube should I go for?

The type of sex lube depends on personal preference and what you’re hoping to achieve in the bedroom. 

You maybe:

  • Trying lubricant for the first time.
  • Swapping to a new brand.
  • A silicone toy-only kinda gal. 

Here are the most popular tube types to consider:

1. Water Based Lubricant

Water based lube is the most commonly used and the safest way to have sex with latex condoms.

Best part? 

It doesn’t stain your sheets or clothes, and it’s easy to clean up!

Even better?
It’s perfect for any mood — even if you want to add a vibrator or other sex toys to penetrative sex or enjoy some solo time.  

But, remember: 

Water based lube dries up faster than other kinds. 

So if you’re a shower sex kind of person, opt for another type of lube. 

P.S. Watch out for lube ingredients (like glycerin) that can cause vaginal irritation and increase your chances of a yeast infection.

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2. Silicone Based Lubricant

Silicone lubricant is perfect for long-lasting sexy times and is safe to use with latex condoms.

How does it compare with a water-based lube?

Silicone based lube holds up well under water, so don’t hesitate to take it into the shower. 

Plus, silicone based lube can last as long as your sex session. 

The bad news?

It's tough to wash off your body post-sexy times. It can also stain clothing, sheets, and hardwood floors. Ugh!

It gets worse… 

You can’t use silicone lube with silicone sex toys — it’ll gradually degrade the sex toys.

3. Oil Based Lubricant

Oil based lubes last longer, so you don’t need to reapply. 

Plus, they also hold up well in the shower. 

Use this kind of lube for long sex sessions (penetrative sex) as well as sensual massages.

The downside?

Oil based lubes:

  • Aren’t compatible with latex sex toys or condoms. The oil can cause condom breakage, exposing you to pregnancy or sexual health risks like STIs.

  • Stain sheets easily and are difficult to wash off.

But we have just the thing to turn you on: 

Coconu’s Oil Based Personal Lubricant!

What makes it ideal?

The Coconu oil based lubricant easily absorbs into your body (psst…this is pretty unique!)So, you do NOT have to clean up after an exhausting session of sex (the good kind)! 

4. Natural Lubricant

Natural lube is made from all-natural ingredients and has no harsh chemicals. It’s also mostly paraben-free, vegan-friendly, and pH-balanced. 

Where to find a natural lubricant?

Raid your pantry and grab a few natural lubes, including virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

But there’s a catch:

A natural lube doesn’t last long, so you’ll need to reapply frequently.

5. Hybrid Lubricant

Hybrid lube incorporates water and silicone or water and oil in different ratios. 

The good news?

You get the best of both worlds! 

For example, a hybrid lube formula tends to be creamier and less sticky. Water and silicone hybrids are also less likely to cause irritation than purely water-based lubes.

Wait, we’re not done yet.

Before you sexify your world with a hybrid lube, remember:

The same water, silicon, and oil lube laws apply. 

So follow the same precautions you would for each type of sex lube — for example, no oil with condoms and silicone toys.

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2 Smart Tips When Using Lube For Sex

Sex should be exciting, toe-curling, and pleasantly surprising. 

Here are two tips to ensure uninterrupted good times:

1. Use A Towel To Protect Your Beautiful Sheets

Remember how oil based lube stains most surfaces?

Place a towel underneath before you kickstart your sexual activity to save your sheets (and some extensive laundry)! 

2. Opt For A Fertility-Friendly Lube If You’re Trying To Get Pregnant

Choose a fertility-friendly lube because some lubricant types can decrease sperm motility.

Always check the label for information like "fertility friendly" or "sperm friendly."

4 FAQs About Lube

Your high school or college sex education classes may have skipped lubes.

Don’t worry! We have got your back. 

Some common questions about lube are:

1. Why Should I Use a Lube?


We’re not all sexperts. But there’s one thing we can agree on: 

The wetter you get, the more explosive sex will be.

And what do you need for the ultimate moisture?

A lubricant!

Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons to hop on the vaginal lubricants bandwagon:

  • Say goodbye to friction and pain during sex — especially if you have sensitive skin. 

  • Lube is effective against vaginal dryness due to menopause.

  • If your body doesn’t produce sufficient natural lubrication, try a personal lubricant. 

  • Lube heightens solo sexual pleasure.

2. How Does Lube Work?

Personal lubricant is a liquid or gel you use on the vagina, vulva or anal area to decrease friction — making it more wet and slippery. 

You can also apply it to a sex toy or penis for better glide.

Bottom line?

Lube intensifies pleasure and reduces pain or discomfort during sexual activities like penetrative sex, oral sex, masturbation, or sex toy play. 

3. What Can You Use Instead of Lube?

Every alternative you need is probably sitting in your kitchen cabinet. 

You can use:

But before you rush to your kitchen, a word of caution: 

Some of these alternatives can increase your risk of yeast infections. 

They can also damage condoms (instead, choose a commercial lube like Coconu).

What about baby oil? 

Baby oil is an absolute no-no for the same reasons. It increases your risk of vaginal infection and breaks down latex condoms.

Some more items to AVOID using as lube include:

4. What​​​ To Avoid When Shopping For Lube?

Lube shopping is never dull, thanks to the many options out there. Warming, natural, tingling, flavored lubes…. the list is endless.

Before you commit to a specific lube:

  • Look at the ingredients: Avoid ones that contain ingredients like glycerin, petroleum, propylene glycol, etc., which may cause irritation or inflammation.

  • Check its pH value: A healthy vagina maintains a pH of 3.8-4.5, so the lube you pick should ideally be around the same level. 

Using condoms or a sex toy?

Shop for a lubricant that’s latex-, rubber-, and plastic-friendly.

Get Ready: It’s Lube O’Clock!

Using lube may seem foreign, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Follow our smart tips to say hello to an exciting and frictionless post-lube sex life. 

Remember: always use lube in ways you (and your S.O.) feel comfortable.

Ready to find the perfect lube?

Try Coconu’s best-selling Intimacy Gift Set — a handy pack of our favorite lubes to awaken your senses!